How to Maintain Your Car During COIVD-19 Lockdown?

Car maintenance may not be on the top of your priority list with the current situation of the lockdown due to COVID-19. However, it should be a task worthy of importance to prove that you are a responsible car owner. You won’t be driving your car often as you did before. You don’t have to pick your kids from school, you don’t go to work anymore, and you don’t even hang out with your friends on a road trip. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you from caring for your vehicle. Here are a few interesting tips through which you can keep your vehicle full maintained even during the lockdown.

Keep The Battery Charged

There are high chances that your car’s battery will discharge by the time you will get it back on roads, which makes it essential to keep a check on them. There is no harm in driving your car just around the neighbourhood to give your car batteries the charge they need. In winters, the batteries can also freeze and become jammed if they are not charged. The condition and age of your battery will determine how long your vehicle can safely stay inside the garage as new batteries can last up to 6 months. Not only the battery, but the other moving parts of your car must be lubricated at all conditions. Keep an eye on the fuel tank, oil changes, and coolant levels.

Be Mindful Of Where To Park

Choose the parking spot for your car wisely. If you have more than one car that has to stay out of the garage for all this time, avoid parking on soft soiled surfaces as they can travel up to your car’s undercarriage and cause rust. Park on pavement and make sure you check what is up to your car. For example, if you park your car under a tree that can fall anytime, you know what can happen if a storm comes. Keep your car protected with a car cover to keep it clean and dust-free.

Protect The Paint 

Many car owners want never back off when going an extra mile for their cars that is where waxing, sealing, and polishing comes in. To shield the shine and exterior beauty of your vehicle, you can use wax and seal it away to protect the paint. Wax seal also acts as a dust-resistant and make the pain last for longer even when the car is parked in an open space.

Maintain The Brakes

Another important thing to remember is to maintain your brakes. When you leave your car parked for too long without driving it, the brake disc may corrode. If the situation worsens, it can leave your brakes seized. To keep your brakes in the best condition, you don’t even have to drive it. Just start the engine, roll the tyres back and forth a few metres and you are good to go

Continue With Regular Maintenance 

Other than all these above-detailed tips, do not mess up with the routine maintenance checks of your vehicle in the nearest car service center. Make sure brake check, oil change, coolant level upgrades, and other maintenance and repairs are done within the right frame of time.


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