What are the features of the latest Sony wireless earphones?

We know that people love listening to music and as a matter of fact they seek the best option that is available for them in the budget they want to work in. Many people are buying the Sony wireless noise-canceling headphones. Let us take a look at the Sony XB950N1 review.

What are the features of the Sony XB950N1 headphones?

The following are the features of the headphones:

  • These headphones are wireless noise-canceling headphones.

  • They are well known for the extra bass feature. 

  • These headphones contain the full boost settings from -10 to +10. This setting is available via the downloadable app.

  • The headphones come with over-sized over-the-ear cups.

  • Comes with a noise-cancellation button.


Are they wireless?

The Sony XB950N1 headphones are, both, wireless and wired. There is an audio cable that can be attached to the headphones when you want a preferred wired listening. This way the BlueTooth connection is lost. Similarly, you can make the wireless again.

Are the Sony XB950N1 headphones noise canceling?

Yes, the Sony XB950N1 headphones are noise canceling. The button for noise canceling is located on the exterior of the left ear cup alongside a bass-effect button.

What is their battery life? 

The battery life is very good. It may last up to 22 hours, that too with continuous use. The battery lasts long even when they are on with noise cancellation. It takes up to four hours for headphones to charge fully.

What frequency response do Sony wireless earphones support?

Sony wireless earphones are closed back and have a 1.57-inch dome driver unit. The frequency response is 20hz to 20khz. This range allows a wide range of bass and treble. This frequency means that the headphones can produce low bass frequencies.

Taking the price of the headphones into consideration, the Sony XB950N1 is available for about $180. This price range is common amongst other competitors as well. As per the Sony XB950N1 review, the headphones are the best falling within the price range. Looking at the features of the headphones, they are much better and advanced than others. Being best on the quality from the finest of the brands, these closed-back headphones give a 4 star to the ease of use. The app interface allows one to control and quickly adjust the settings. Lastly, the headphones come with a limited warranty of one year. 


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