How Trade Show Panels Can Expand Your Display

A trade show booth is about making an impression. You want to do something that stands out and attracts attention. With so many ways to try to do this and various materials you can use, you may be wondering which one is the best.

There is no real formula to successfully attracting attention to your booth. Your message and brand need to do that. But you can put a variety of materials to use to help get your message across in a way that represents you the best and can help bring more people to see what your business and presentation.

Trade Show Panels are just one way you can showcase the walls behind you as part of your presentation. Many people think about trade shows and think of banners as the material of choice. Banners can be great for assisting in presenting a message or company information, but they are not the end all be all of trade show materials. Every trade show is going to be different and your setup may have to adjust to new materials that you don’t use as often.

When you choose trade show panels, the two things you want to consider: the material and sizing. Panels can come in various materials including Velcro fabric, laminates, painted graphics, slat and grid wall and more. You can even get panels that are different colors or designs on either side for added versatility. This allows you to use the panels with either side facing forward and can change your presentation depending on location or the message you want to promote.

The sizing is also important, just as it is with all trade show materials. With every trade show being different, you can never fully predict how much space you will have to work with as you set up for a trade show display. You may have a large area that allows for walls and panels and various elements or it may be so small that at most you can set up a couple of banner stands and a small counter to give your presentation. When it comes to sizing, you want to choose the number of panels that work best for the space you have. Commonly, panels are sized at two feet wide by three feet tall. You can either use one panel at a time or you can group panels by three, four, five or six and promote more items or create a larger image.

It all depends on how you choose to arrange things and the customization you put into the presentation. Panel displays can be great because they can be so interchangeable, and if you can get a panel set that is easy to set up or is a folding panel display, it can make your preparation at an event that much easier so you get set up quickly and can focus more on your presentation and promoting your products and message to visitors.

For trade show panels, panel systems, retractable banner stands and anything else you may need for a great presentation at your next trade show, or even if you are just starting out and looking for quality materials to get off to a good start with your trade show experience, choose Trade Show Plus and get value and customization to put your best foot forward.

Trade Show Plus has thousands of products in stock and ready for purchase, and the best part is that you can use their state-of-the-art printing services for complete customization so you already have everything exactly as you need it and can focus on getting to your next trade show. With a dedicated team ready to assist and affordable prices on all products, take your trade show presentation to the next level.

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