Why A Literature Rack is Great for Trade Shows

One element of trade shows that can sometimes get overlooked is the use of handout materials. For some people, this is an essential way they can get more information into the hands of visitors. For others, it is an unnecessary burden that increases set up time and can feel like a waste of time if nobody is taking the materials.

Perhaps it isn’t having the handouts and how they are presented that is the problem. Having a Literature Rack that can easily organize your materials and give you a professional presentation can make a huge difference in your trade show experience.

Here are just a few reasons why having a literature rack can be great for trade shows.

Save Time and Space – Attending trade shows can be a grab bag of exhibit sizes. For some vendors, you may have a large space that allows for more presentation, or you could have a really small space that forces you to make the most of what you have. Anything you can do to save space is a bonus. That’s where having a stand or rack for your materials can come in handy. You can keep all of your materials in a confined space with literature holders. Stands and brochure racks for materials like this can also be filled before the show, so you can save time setting up and have convenient storage space for your materials.

It Looks Professional – Your setup is very important to trade show success. People like to see vendors who have everything in order and are prepared. With everything in its place, including all materials and literature in a designated rack or stand, you offer a much more professional presentation, which reflects well on your business. You may be able to have things look professional stacking materials on a table or counter, but it is more likely that they will get scattered over time and become disorganized. With a literature display stand or rack, you can keep your materials organized for the entire show and always ensure a professional look.

Multiple Purposes – The common use for a literature stand is to have materials in a set place. But there are multiple ways you can use a stand during a trade show. Obviously, your stand can hold and store any materials visitors can take with them. Additionally, you can allow visitors to take information from the stand on their own if they are interested in learning more. Finally, you can use a stand or brochure holder to hold any materials or other items that are part of a presentation. You can even use these stands as a way to keep things organized as you prepare for your next event or use them in reception areas and waiting rooms.

Easy to Transport – A literature rack is also very easy to move and transport to various events. There are various models that can fold or are lightweight and easy to carry so you can get around to many events and always have a literature stand at the ready as part of your presentation.

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