How Do You Stop Breading From Falling Off Chicken?

Breading is the best part of fried chicken, and yet the most difficult to hold onto because it often doesn’t stick well. Most of the cooking enthusiast who has just begin their cooking ventures mostly get frustrated because of the breading keeping of falling off the chicken. It is one of those blunders that are very common and can be easily prevented with little care and patience. We have gathered the major reasons why the breading falls off the chicken, and what you can do about it.

Why Breading Falls Off Chicken?

There are many reasons why the breading falls off chicken before you even take if from the breading table to fry. Patience is the key to good cooking because everything needs time to settle. The first reason may be that you didn’t dry the chicken piece completely that makes the flour soggy before you apply the breading onto it.

The next reason is that when you are about to go for the crumb part, most of the people ignore the shaking off the flour. Too much moisture and too much dryness cannot hold the breading properly in place resulting in falling off.

How To Make Breading Stick To Chicken?

Now that you know why you end up being frustrated every time with fallen off breading, let’s move on to the tips that will help you get the perfectly fried chicken the next time.

Dry The Chicken

The first thing to do is to dry the chicken pieces. You can use a paper towel to pat the chicken dry so that excess moisture can be removed. The surface of the chicken should be dry from both sides so that the flour will not become soggy or cracked. You can also refrigerate the chicken after drying so that the coating will be smoother.

Shake Off Excessive Flour

Next important thing to keep in mind is that excess of everything is bad. Just like the breading cannot hold on moisture, it won’t settle perfectly if the chicken is full of flour layering. You only need a single coating of flour. Shake off the excessive floor that only a single layer is left.

Dip In Eggs

Whether you choose to dip the chicken in eggs or buttermilk, always do it before coating the crumbs. Most people repeat the process again and again that makes the breading so thick that it falls off. Dip the chicken once in the eggs or buttermilk and let it sit for a while.

Coat The Crumbs Evenly

Next step is don’t skimp on the breadcrumbs. When you coat the breadcrumbs, make sure every inch of the chicken piece is fully covered with the crumbs. You can even press the chicken piece slightly so that all the crumbs get evenly stick to the egg layer. This is the best way to keep them from falling off.

Let Cool 

The last step for the perfectly fried chicken is to let it cool in the refrigerators for 15-20 minutes before frying. This will not only stick the breading to the chicken completely but will also cook the chicken to be more tender.


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