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How You Can Easily Chop Vegetables While Food Preparations

What is the main task during cooking? If you have experience in the cooking field, you are already aware of the answer. It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial chef or cook for yourself at home. Some experiences are always the same. The main work during cooking is prep work. We all know that prep work is time-consuming and requires some skills. You have to manage the time, wash the veggies, cut them, and do other stuff. Cooking the food is easy. All you have to do is add the ingredients to a pot and let them cook. The most crucial task in food prep is cutting and chopping. You have to cut the veggies with extra attention. An easy way is to buy chopped veggies from the store. You can find them in Mercatus refrigeration, where they stay fresh. But it is better to know how you can chop them quickly. Below we have mentioned the best ways to chop veggies during food prep.

Use Food Processor

The easiest way to chop veggies is in a food processor. The best benefit of using a food processor is it saves time and energy. You can choose both electric or manual food processors. It has various functions. You can chop the veggies in any shape you want. Wash and dry all veggies before you start to work on them. Now throw the veggies in the food processor. You can choose any shape in which you want to chop your veggies.

The other way is to use a knife. Below is a method of chopping different veggies.


First of all, peel the papery skin from the onion. Now cut the onion in half. Cut the onion in parallel, placing the flat side on the cutting board. Now cut the onion horizontally. Now mark some cuts at a right angle to the cutting board. The size of the chopped onion depends on your choice. Now discard the root of the onion.


You can wash the cauliflower before or after chopping it. The best way is to wash it after cutting. If you clean the cauliflower before chopping, you might overlook some hidden dirt. Firstly, cut the cauliflower in half. Now cut off the florets from the middle. You will get several florets. Now, cut the middle part in half. Chop it into small pieces. Then wash the florets and chop off the root. Now dry with a kitchen towel.

Bell Peppers

Wash the bell peppers. Remove the top of the bell pepper. You can do it by hand or can also use a knife. Now cut the bell pepper in half. Scoop out the seeds of the bell peppers and discard them. You can take them out by slicing the membrane of the bell pepper. Now cut the half bell pepper into another half. Chop the bell peppers using the same technique as the onions.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not lay down the carrot and start cutting it in circular shapes. Firstly, slice it lengthwise. The lay it with the flat part on the cutting board, and chop it.
  • Cook the corn cob before cutting. Then let it cool down. Now cut it in half and place the flat surface on the cutting board. Scrape the corn using a knife.


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