How Are Car Emissions Bad For The Environment?

Car emissions can have a lasting effect on the environment. The car emits so many different gases and other materials. These are harmful and can have detrimental effects on the environment. These emissions are the number one cause of global warming and the deterioration of environmental and human health.

Cars are the number one contributor to air pollution all over the world. But these effects can be reduced to some extent by following the best practices. Here is how car emissions affect our environment and how we can take care of it.

Global Warming

Car pollution contributes to almost 40 percent of global warming. Big vehicles like trucks emit a lot of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gas which is a major contributor to the increase in global temperature. These are called greenhouse gases. These gases are responsible for trapping the heat in the lower atmosphere and keeping the overall temperature warm.

Naturally, these gases are essential to keep the temperature of habitable parts of the earth normal. In the absence of these gases, the earth would be reduced to a Popsicle. But emission of these gases in extremely large amounts can increase the temperature so much that it can cause the glaciers to melt. Fossil burning is already causing an increase in temperature.

Adding in more gases from cars is causing the earth to overheat. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, we have been doing so much damage to the earth. Every year there is an increase of 0.2 degrees in the global temperatures. If car emissions are not controlled, it will prove devastating for the natural beauty of the planet. It will harm wildlife, sea life, as well as the arctic aquatic life.

Air Pollution

CFCs and carbon monoxide gases are some of the air pollutants that can harm human health in ways unimaginable. Particularly diesel engines emit very high levels of these gases.  At the very minimum, these gases irritate your eyes and allergies. When these particles get inside your throat they enter your lungs and cause all sorts of health problems. These gases are responsible for conditions like inflammation of the lungs, sinusitis, chest pain, and chronic coughing. When these gases are emitted at dangerously high levels, they create smog which is toxic and poisonous air.

It is also the major cause of heart problems and is especially dangerous to infants and pregnant women. More poisonous gases include SO2, benzene, and other formaldehyde that are responsible for nerve damage. They cause various psychological problems.

Where to Go From Here?

To lessen the effect of car emissions we can use our vehicles responsibly. That is the only feasible way to reduce the effects yet. Old cars need to be properly maintained. Always run your vehicles through an MOT test. Give your engine some carbon cleaning if you have older vintage cars. You can consult an engine carbon cleaning service for that. Always check the fuel economy and emission levels of a car when buying a new one. When you do buy, maintain it so that the emissions are reduced to a bare minimum.

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