Advantages of Cloud based Accounting ERP Software Solutions

When you buy an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) application for your small business, the very first consideration that you have to make is whether you want this on your premise or hosted on a cloud.

Typically, on premise ERP software solutions are implemented on the servers and computers in-house using a license model whereas in the cloud-based implementation a provider hosts the application in his servers externally.

Read further to get some valuable insights on the advantage of cloud accounting and ERP solutions.

Freedom from performance worries

ERP is usually offered as an application suite containing various business modules including accounting, marketing, sales, inventory, and service delivery. Providing a wholesome business solution, it requires a huge amount of computing power to run with maximum efficiency. When you opt for the traditional model, you have to invest in appropriate hardware and other infrastructure and ensure their maintenance. With hosted solutions, you only require a good internet connection. The provider takes care of the resources and infrastructure and makes sure that the ERP performs effectively for your business.

Freedom from operating cost worries

Selecting the in-house solution will force you to recruit new hires and form a team to maintain the hardware and infrastructure. In addition, you have to pay for the licenses and ensure security and privacy of your data. All this involves cost and has a direct bearing on your IT budget. With the hosted option, you have to pay only a flat rate monthly fee which means that the total cost of your implementation will be lower. You get the best of both the worlds – enjoying the benefits of the solution without paying a huge amount from your pocket.

Freedom from access worries

You only need a steady internet connection to access your data from anywhere. While this may seem like a potential problem, at first, it is not so. With proper access controls and security measures put in place by the provider, you can mitigate this risk and convert it into an opportunity by allowing access to business information from outside the office. With the hosted model you can overcome the threats that are usually associated with access to sensitive information and increase your business operations to a great extent.

Freedom from maintenance worries

Hosted providers manage the entire system and the solution. They take care of installing and maintaining both and perform all the critical maintenance activities like OS upgrades, security updates and anti-virus maintenance for the servers and regular software updates for the ERP system. This ensures that the system works efficiently with a high productivity.

Engaging professional ERP software providers who provide hosted solutions for your business will let you unlock the product’s maximum potential by choosing the best deployment option that suits your requirement. This cost effective solution lets you have a stress free ERP implementation experience so that you can focus your energy and efforts on the core of your business to achieve all your business goals without breaking a sweat.

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