Guidelines To Fix Amazon Firestick Won’t Turn On

If you are thinking that it is tough to fix firestick not turning on then we would like to clear you that there is nothing like that. It is as easy as you think. 

Basically, the Amazon Firestick won’t turn on because of some very acute issues. These common issues are creating hurdles for the firestick to not turn on. 

But you don’t worry, as you are looking at a correct screen to overcome firestick unable to turn on issue. 

Little About Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon firestick is looked like a Pendrive, by connecting the Amazon firestick to the port of tv the user can get full access to the streaming player. You can easily watch your favorite shows or movies with the help of firestick. Paid or free channels all are available in it. Basically, it converts your tv to smart tv. 

Glad To Know… 

If you are not a technician and you know nothing about fixing this issue then by properly following the steps shared in this article you can get success easily in solving this problem on your own. 

Sometimes, many of the users who didn’t succeed in overcoming the Amazon firestick won’t turn on the problem just because of not following the guidelines properly. 

So, make sure to not skip any of the steps, kindly follow the instructions accurately. 

Steps To Solve Amazon Firestick Won’t Turn On

We are going to reveal tips with you now that will surely take you out of the trouble that is creating issues for you. So, without taking more time of yours just have a look at the steps below. 

So, are you ready to solve this issue on your own? Great, just have a look below.

Step 1:

Kindly, turn off the tv properly and after that remove the firestick from the port and wait for a while and  after 10 to 15 minutes again turn on the tv and after the screen displayed on the tv, connect the port.

Step 2:

Make sure the wire connected to the firestick should not be damaged or inoperative. If it is then surely, you will be going to face firestick unable to turn on issues, so it would be better to once examine the cable accurately. 

Step 3:

Hey, make sure the update of the device should be done. If updating is not processed on any device then it may start creating hurdles and shows errors on the device. 

So, if you haven’t updated the device then kindly update it right now… 

Step 4:

Do not forget to check the internet connectivity. Make sure your device is connected with a strong internet otherwise, you will not be able to get full access to the firestick. 

Kindly ensure to not enter the wrong password. If you will enter the wrong password then obviously for sure you will face troubles. So,  kindly ensure to enter correct credentials, maintain a proper distance, remove barriers if there were any. 

At The End

Hopefully, this article will help you to fix Amazon Firestick won’t turn on issues. So, are you now free from this trouble? Great, this is exactly what we are really waiting for. 

We are grateful to you for giving us your time and kind love and faith. We will always be there for you in any situation. 

You can even take the help of our Alexa customer service, they are available 24 x 7 hours for you. Alexa App helpline number is totally free, so just freely get in touch with our professionals.


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