Know Why Fan Controllers and Cooling Kits are Important for PC

Fans are a requirement whether an air-cooled rig is being built or if a more advanced PC water cooling is being installed. Processors, in particular, can get hot so a Cooling Fan Hub does the work of cooling it. In most PCs, one or two fans, along with the GPU fan, are sufficient to keep the PC cool. All the fans plugged into the hub must be 4-pin type (PWM Control Mode). The reason being is that hub cannot exercise any speed control over 3-pin (Voltage Control Mode) fans. Most of the mid-range motherboards usually have a fixed number of 3-pin case fan connectors and 4-pin PWM connectors on them. So, in order to install more case fans in the PC case then a Fan Hub will be required and in order to control their speeds, a Fan Controller will be required. A fan hub permits the connection of more fans using a single power connector (generally 4-pin Molex or SATA connector) whereas a Fan Speed Controller allows to add more fans and the speed can be changed individually.

Also, there are a couple of RGB Controllers that provide power to the fan, but most of these RGB Controllers work with their RGB products only, whether fans, LED strips, case lighting, etc. Rgb Fan Controller is a great device or component to have for older motherboards with no RGB support i.e. RGB headers. They can easily fit in any case, and then RGB fans, RGB LED Strips or other RGB components can be attached to them. They turn out to be very useful in connecting multiple RGB devices, especially in cases where the motherboard does not have RGB headers or there are insufficient RGB headers to attach to the RGB components. With an RGB LED Strip, the case can be made customized with different and various light effects. One can choose between 16 million color combinations through their RGB controller or their RGB software and make their PC shine with bright uniform lighting.

Moreover, individually addressable RGB LEDs are compatible with RGB lighting controllers. computer rgb strip comes with magnet and double-sided tape for an easy installation anywhere in the system. Similarly, getting a water cooling kit installed inside the Gaming PC can reduce noise & temperatures and not only on the component it’s directly fitted to, but also to the complete system due to the way the kits flexible radiator placement lets the heat move away from other components. A Computer Water Cooling Kit consists of a reservoir, pump, radiator, fittings, tubing and in some cases; coolant. It’s never been easier to liquid cool the computer without all the hassle of picking out the parts and hoping if they fit together properly.


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