5 Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of a Cold Room

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The chillers are a noteworthy investment for a number of industries like the food businesses. For a lot of industries, the chillers are the biggest energy consumers so they cost a lot. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can ensure effective operation and also bring down the running cost.

The advancement in refrigeration technology has improved the performance of the cold rooms and made them more affordable. The use of new refrigerants, better compressors and engine designs has improved their performances significantly.

Here are a few energy saving tips that will lower the running cost of the freezer rooms without compromising their performance.

Never leave the doors open:

Every time you open the doors of the freezer room you are letting the cold air out and letting the hot air in. It disturbs the internal temperature of the room and increasing its energy consumption. If you are loading products and you need to open the door consistently then you can use air curtain or strip curtains to reduce the loss of cold air.

Remember to switch off the light:

When the cold room is not in use then make sure that you switch the internal light before closing the door. Keeping the light on when it is not in use does not serve any purpose. It is just going to consume unnecessary energy. You can switch the light on when you go into the chiller room to get something or to stack products.

Ensuring air circulation:

It is important that the storage space in the freezer room is used in the best possible way. The products stored in the chiller room should not hinder the flow of the air because it will increase the energy consumption and lower the efficiency of the room. Adhering to the maximum stacking height is the best way of ensuring uninterrupted air flow. Make sure that the air/evaporator cooler’s air outlet is never blocked.

Set the right storage temperatures:

The storage temperature that you set plays an important role in determining the efficiency of the chiller room. It also affects the quality of the food products you store in the cold storage. The cold rooms hold a variety of food products at a time and the temperature should be set for the products that have the lowest storage temperature.

Timely maintenance and repairs:

It is important that the cold rooms are properly maintained. The thorough maintenance makes sure that is always able to identify the problem in its initial stage and fix it before it costs you too much. The faulty appliances do not function efficiently.

The staff using and operating the freezer room should be trained to look for potential damage and lack of efficiency. They should also be trained to report a defect no matter how small or insignificant it looks. It will make sure that you can take immediate action and do the repairs required to keep the refrigerated room functioning without a problem.

The regular freezer room maintenance will guarantee great and efficient performance along with reduced power cost.


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