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There are personalized gifts and then there are personalized gifts from Wendell August Forge. The first category entails a mass-produced, perhaps machined piece of bar stock or injected resin that, as an afterthought, has been pressed with initials or perhaps has a name screen printed onto it. Nice enough, but in truth far from truly personalized. The gifts from Wendell August Forge are personalized and unique down into the very fundament of their character and creation. That’s because unlike the rest of the trade, the wares at Wendell August Forge are handmade. Every one of them, start to finish, is the product of a craftsman’s individual investment and attention to beauty and elegance.

As America’s oldest and largest forge, the smiths at Wendell August know a thing or two about creating the allure and quality of handmade gifts. They’ve been doing it longer than anyone else in the country, and are proud to be the makers of the finest of unique gifts anywhere around. There are few things as considerate and heartfelt as a personalized ornament to commemorate something special, and when you are looking to Buy Personalized Metal Ornaments, Wendell August Forge simply is the place to go.

If you’re looking to commemorate important milestones, there are few better ways to go about it than commissioning a handmade personalized ornament. If you need a customized gift for someone special at Christmastime, you’ll have a plethora of options at Wendell August Forge. You might choose a classic like a handmade train-themed set for a family’s Christmas to celebrate the addition of a new member to the family. You might be looking to celebrate that birthday in particular or a child’s first Christmas. You’ll find elegant annual ornaments for couples and families with familiar and classic motifs such as winter vedutas and nutcrackers. Among their catalog of beautifully wrought personalized ornaments are wedding cakes and wreaths to celebrate marriages and first Christmases. You can give the gift of school spirit to an alumnus as a memorial of alma mater or in celebration of graduation.

For anyone looking to buy personalized metal ornaments, the scope goes much farther than the aforementioned. You can also give the gift of a personalized ornament to an athlete celebrating their accomplishments on the field. Everyone knows that pets are esteemed members of the family, and Wendell August sensibly offers a portfolio of offerings celebrating our furry companions. The wealth of scope ranges from milestones like baptism to exaltations of spirit, of place, and city in the form of skylines, monuments, and stadiums. For these and everything in between, Wendell August Forge is the place to turn to for personalized ornaments that will last a lifetime.

Of course, being that they are not only personalized but also laboriously and attentively wrought by hand, the pieces from Wendell August Forge, ornaments and others, are specimens of unparalleled, superlative quality. Not only are the ornaments and other gifts at Wendell August Forge crafted of the highest quality metals available, but they are also made to such specific standards as to be intended to last a lifetime. Longevity is among the most desirable of traits for gifts that are given as a memento of some important event, and longevity and quality define America’s oldest and more experienced forge and its smiths.

With Wendell August Forge, you no longer have to sift through piles and catalogs of mass-produced trinkets for a chance at something unique and memorable, because with Wendell August Forge, even the simplest of their products is truly unique, entirely handmade, and one of a kind. Free yourself from the materialism of the age; head to and find something really special for that really special someone.

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