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Somehow, everywhere in the country, some form of Pittsburgh diaspora has left fans of the Steelers far and wide across the country, even in areas we might comfortably consider out of the range of traditional fandom. But we’re not here to speculate on the causes. Maybe you are even one of them. Whatever the case, Steelers fans range far and wide across America, planting the seeds of Pittsburgh loyalty like the first settlers, and those fans are here to stay, bringing in their new fans by the year. Our task now is to find poignant and proper Christmas gifts for those of them that are close to our hearts. Perhaps you’re even looking for a Christmas ornament for yourself as you are one of those previously mentioned Pittsburgh fans. If so, read on.

Finding gifts like Pittsburgh Steelers Christmas Tree Ornaments is easy enough, to be sure. In fact, you can find them around every corner come November or December, but what you’re about to find is unlike the rest. You’re about to come across completely one of a kind, entirely hand-hammered Pittsburgh Steelers Christmas tree ornaments that will live on and on through generations. Not plastic, not resin, not screen printed or inked onto a surface. These are the Christmas tree ornaments that have been shaped by a smith’s hands, from a raw lump of material into the beautifully finished artwork you are about to see from the smiths at

Head over to and you will find Pittsburgh Steelers Christmas tree ornaments that are without compare. Ornaments like their Pittsburgh Steelers Classic Round Ornaments are hammered from bronze or aluminum and are sure to bring a smile to the faces of Pittsburgh devotees. Even more exquisite is their Pittsburgh Steelers Collectors Edition Ornament hand hammered and graven with their Super Bowl victories. It is even set with Swarovski crystals in black and yellow for a touch more Steelers sentiment. As a limited edition piece, it is your perfect opportunity to add a piece of handmade Steelers’ history to the tree of a fan of your choice.

Best of all, as excellent as their offering of Christmas ornaments is, it doesn’t end there. At Wendell August Forge, you can outfit the entire home of a fan with Steelers paraphernalia. There’s no need to stop at the tree when you can find bookmarks, dishes and plates, ice buckets, coasters and even cutting boards adorned with the Steelers’ mark, and each of them is meticulously handmade with the finest of attention to detail and quality. The handmade gifts from Wendell August Forge are made, without exception, to represent the highest echelon of handmade quality and fully intended to last across generations all the while increasing in sentiment with age.

It has become commonplace in our age of instant gratification and materialist tendencies to produce and by the product of quick production and lax standards. More often than not we are flooded with advertisements of goods of exceedingly low quality and manufacture. Wendell August Forge is a refreshing break from the flood of cheap knick-knacks that constitute the majority of the market for “personalized” goods.

The thing is, when you purchase a gift from Wendell August Forge, you are getting a piece of truly artisanal quality, tended over from start to finish by a devoted craftsman. As America’s oldest and most experienced forge, they are the authority on quality manufacturing and have good claim to that title. What better way to celebrate a fan’s love than with a gift from our oldest forge? Find something the fan in your life will cherish for life at

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