All the Pittsburgh Steelers Christmas Ornaments for the Steelers Fans in Your Life

Wendell August Forge has something awesome: handmade Pittsburgh Steelers Christmas Ornaments for the Steelers fan in your life. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s an in-law, or maybe it’s just a family friend, but we all know Steelers fans, and while may not completely understand their devotion, we can certainly admire it, and when it comes to devotion to their team, Steelers fans carry that over state lines and through generations. When it comes to team spirit, Steelers fans set the bar, and now Wendell August Forge is offering Pittsburgh Steelers holiday ornaments (and other Steelers gear!) that fit the fans to a T.

The reasons for this are pretty simple. Steelers fans can be old school, and they certainly respect grit and determination. To some outsiders, the Steelers are one of those old school midwestern teams with a fan base to suit them, named for the steelworkers who ran the mills and made the big Pennsylvania steel companies the behemoths they became.

What better way to celebrate a Steelers fan’s loyalty than with a Pittsburgh Steelers Christmas ornament literally hammered out of metal? That’s exactly what Wendell August Forge specializes in. All of the ornaments at Wendell August Forge, and everything else there, for that matter, are entirely handmade from raw material to a polished and finished product. When you buy a Steelers ornament from them, that shining emblem of loyalty and fandom you see was wrought by hand, with hammer and chisel, by a skilled Craftsman.

A perfect example is their Pittsburgh Steelers Classic Round Ornament, which can be ordered in aluminum or bronze, and each is entirely hand wrought, to bring you the beautifully finished metalwork you see. Another beautiful example is their Pittsburgh Football Ornament, featuring the silhouette of the Lombardi Trophy superimposed over the Pittsburgh skyline. Wendell August also offers attractive pieces in wood and glass-like their Heinz Stack Wooden Ornament and their Pittsburgh Steelers Helmet Ornament, respectively. They are also carefully handmade, just like their cousins in metal.

But it’s more than just ornaments. As handsome as the Steelers ornaments from Wendell August Forge are, the forge also specializes in other Steelers branded gear to trick out the entire home or just the man cave, as the case might be. On top of classics like the Terrible Towel itself, Wendell August offers pieces to deck out a dwelling through all the seasons. You can find treasures like their Steelers branded ice and champagne buckets, trays, plates and coasters, bookmarks and keychains, and even cutting boards inset with attractive hardware embellished with the Steelers logo.

Just like the Christmas tree ornaments offered by Wendell August Forge, all of the other branded gear is completely handmade, carefully graven and inspected by skilled and talented workers before leaving the forge. With Wendell August Forge, you can find and display your Steelers spirit at Christmas – but also at every other time of year. And in faith to the Steelers, you can display your spirit with goods that were wrought from metal with grit and determination, just like every tale of Steelers’ success.

Whether you come to Wendell August for a dignified and tasteful Pittsburgh Steelers Christmas ornaments gift for a friend or end up getting ideas for a gift for a different occasion, you can rest assured in this: Every piece at Wendell August Forge bears the same marks of quality that come with entirely handmade goods. Rare in our economy and our society, handmade goods are made with an attention to detail rarely encountered in this day and age, attention that vouchsafes their quality and their finish. So now that you’ve found the perfect line of hand-wrought Steelers gifts at, you simply need to decide what’s going to whom.

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