Why you need to follow trending memes and keep an eye on the same?

Memes have become the official platform which can be used to express any feeling.

You can use it to express sadness, happiness, grief, insult and what not. The list is never ending. You can even say that it has become an important tool in the entertainment world.

In the hoard of memes, you might think that if you just follow trending memes, you know it all, but the reality might be different. There are several types of memes on social media platforms and you really need to keep an eye on the world to follow and understand all of them. After all, memes have become a culture and a flourishing one I must say.

The truth behind trending memes

Ever wondered why a meme starts trending and why a meme doesn’t? It all lies behind the popularity of the idea or the person on whom the meme is based. Take Gully boy memes for example. The meme makers extracted the subtle humour out of the poster itself.

Though, no one is trolling the movie yet, but there are tweets circulating which talks about the striking similarity between gully boy and Eminem’s 8 Mile.

However, it quickly got replaced when the meme makers came up with their creativity, replacing gully with things like ‘Good’, ‘Bahubali’ and what not. The kind of humour that gully boy memes has come up with, is fresh and new.

It’s in trend since last few days but I am not sure if it will be in the list of best memes of all time. I think so because everyday creators come up with fresh content that replaces the old ones. People tend to move on to the next, better meme.

What’s the difference between memes?

If you assume that a popular meme will go to become the best meme, you are wrong. Not all memes become popular and not all memes spark a meme fire on social media platforms.

But if there is a solid content backing up the meme, like the never ending memes of backchod billi or le man, there is a chance that it will go one to be discussed even after a specific meme was released ages ago. This is because these memes are not repetitive.

An example of all-time favourite meme

I bet you must have come across the very famous Drake meme. It gained so much popularity that even if you come across one of those memes today, you are sure to burst out in laughter.

That’s what differentiates the regular memes from the popular memes. If you recall, Drake memes became so popular that Indian actor Irfan Khan replaced the same pose in the same meme and a new line of memes came out.

This clearly shows that if a meme becomes extremely popular, meme makers will come up with a fresh meme on the same idea.

In Conclusion:

Now you know why you need to keep yourself updated, because hey, if you want to be a part of generation Y, you need to understand their concept of humour. And memes are your best option, don’t you agree?


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Written by Hashim Khan

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