Which is Best for Rent Cherry Picker?

A crane operated hydraulically to reach elevated places is an access platform device. There are many types, both electric and diesel, that help elevate from 2-10 people from heights of 3.8 meters to 38 meters. The electric machines are almost noiseless while the diesel ones are noisier. Here we will show a few in each variety that you can rent for your cherry-picking activity.`

Types of Electric Machines

Electric machines are better for workplaces where noise is not preferred. The silent operations ensure better operation and safety.

Snorkel A46JE Electric Boom Lift.

It has a platform height of 14 meters and a working height of 16 meters. It can carry 227 kg (3-4 people) with an outreach of 7.35 meters. The platform size is 1.00×1.83 meters. It can tolerate wind speeds of 12.5 m/s.  It can drive forward at the full height and has a jib platform rotation of 140o and the length of the machine is 5.6 meters.

LGMG AS1932E Electric Scissor Lift.

This has a working height of 7.8 meters. The platform capacity is 231 kg. You can load 120 kg onto the platform. The dimensions are 1.85×8.2 meters. It has an extension of 0.91 meters (should prove enough to clear the width of the cherry plants) and the total length of the machine is 1.85 meters.

Variety in Diesel Machines

Diesel machines offer greater power and control of the cherry-picking operations. There is a wide range of machines (over 800) you can hire from us.

Skyjack SJ46AJ Diesel Boom Lift.

It has a working height of a little less than 16 meters (15.93 meters to be precise) and a platform height of 14.01 meters. The biggest advantage of this kind of machine is that it provides you with a horizontal reach of 7.54 meters. So you have a safe operating distance during the cherry-picking operations. The lift capacity is 227 kg.

Manitou 200ATJ.

With a lift capacity of 200 kg and a working height of 20 meters, the Manitou is a fantastic machine to use for your cherry-picking operations. It has a 2.1×0.8 meters platform. It has a ground clearance of 0.43 meters.

It is preferable to get a machine that can operate at the height you want. If you choose a bigger machine, it will be a waste of fuel. And, if the machine is too small, you cannot get the work done well. Go through the range of machines available and pick the one to help you with the operations.

Advantages of Hiring Cherry Pickers

Of all the advantages, the most important one is that you can access elevated regions safely. The other plus points are:

It helps you work more efficiently.

Save a lot of time.

A great amount of flexibility in the choice of cherry pickers.

You can carry a lot of tools with you to use for cherry-picking.

Get in touch with the Access Equipment Hire Carlisle division to get more details about the hiring process. Get your cherry picker well in time before your harvesting begins.


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