What Is The Unhealthiest Dessert

Desserts are considered an essential item to satisfy the craving for something sweet after a meal. While no dessert can be termed as healthy, some people do keep a check on the fat and calorie intake when having dessert. Others just follow their gluttony. We cannot say that some desserts are healthy than others, so it won’t be wrong to say that some desserts are more unhealthy than others. The notion of having desserts is changing with the increasing information about the outcomes of overeating and consuming extra sweets. You might be thinking about what can be the unhealthiest dessert of all. We are here to inform you just that so that next time when you search for dessert takeaway near me, you stay cautious.


Cheesecakes are the unhealthiest dessert of all. Most of the people think that chocolate cakes or molten lava cakes are unhealthy, but if you get to know the number of calories and fats in a cheesecake, you will get astounded. No doubt that every dessert is enticing in its appearance and taste, but cheesecakes are harder to resist with their rich and smooth creamy texture. However, the high amount of saturated fats, sugar, calories, and sodium present in the cake make it more unhealthy and fatty. Cheesecakes that are ordered from bakeries are more dangerous to consume.

High In Fat

Do you know that a single slice of cheesecake that you eat from a bakery contains 18g of fats out of which 8g is saturated? If you are on a 2000 calorie diet, 22g saturated fat intake should be your limit, but eating cheesecake can easily exceed that limit. A whole cheesecake contains 1330 calories alone, so think about what will happen to your diet when you are consuming so much fat at once.

High In Sugar And Sodium

Another reason that makes cheesecake the unhealthiest dessert in the quantity of sugar in it. 80grams of cake contains more than 1 grams of sugar that disrupt the sugar level balanced. If you are diabetic, this cake can prove to be the sweetest poison for you. High sugar intake can also increase calorie intake, leading to obesity as well.


Excess of eating cheesecake can develop a habit of overeating in you because the hunger hormones are not satisfied. Ghrelin and satiety hormones are two types of hormones that manage your hunger. The ghrelin hormones are suppressed by increased sugar consumption but the satiety hormones fail to get the satisfaction of a complete meal, which is why you feel hungrier and end up overeating.

Other Unhealthy Desserts

Just because we have mentioned cheesecake, doesn’t mean that other desserts are healthy. If we start counting, there is a whole list of unhealthy desserts that you have been eating. You might not be aware of the fact that all these desserts carry more amount of saturated fats and calories that you should be consuming. Some of them are as follows:


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