Linear Fireplaces For Sale With the Functionality You Want

Linear fireplaces are an excellent way to improve your home, both in terms of aesthetic quality as well as through incredible modern features. For homeowners considering how to change the way their home feels, reduce energy bills, or simply help to beautify their living room, these structures are a solid choice.

Finding high-quality linear fireplaces for sale with the specific functionality you want is important if you want to truly complement your home in the rights way however. Not every variety of linear fireplace has the same features or even utilizes the same heating methods. This quick guide will help you determine which kind of fireplace is best suited for your home, and where you can find one of these beautiful units online.

Gas vs. Electric Fireplaces
Linear fireplaces come in two primary varieties, either gas or electric. Each has its own particular benefits and drawbacks, depending on what you are specifically looking to get out of your fireplace. In general, most linear style fireplaces sport a sleek, modern design that is suitable for a variety of different home styles. These models aren’t installed in the same manner as traditional fireplaces, and aren’t typically thought of as a replacement for them. Unlike a fireplace insert, linear fireplaces are usually installed at a more convenient height, flush with the wall rather than with a mantle. In this way, they behave a lot like other household appliances, in terms of maintenance and usability.

As far as linear gas fireplaces are concerned, they actually utilize real flames, which means that they are usually able to heat a room more effectively. At least in terms of quickly raising the temperature of a room, provided that it is properly insulated, a gas fireplace is the way to go.

Modern gas fireplaces also have plenty of features to help maintain energy efficiency and are relatively easy to care for compared to traditional fireplaces, which helps in saving money and unwanted hassle. They are also an excellent way to bump up the value of your home overall, and are not nearly as difficult to install as traditional gas fireplaces are.

If you are more concerned about modern features in your fireplace however, you may want to consider a linear electric fireplace instead. These gorgeous units come equipped with a great deal of features that can enhance your home quite a bit. While they don’t typically pack the same kind of heating power as a gas fireplace, their value as a modern-day heating appliance is worth taking a deeper look at.

For instance, one clear benefit of an electric fireplace is the control you get over the heat output. While you can adjust the temperature and flame strength of a gas model through a thermostat, to help better regulate the temperature in your home, you get a much finer degree of control with an electric model.

In terms of aesthetic features, electric fireplaces steal the show completely. Being able to utilize your fireplace without even displaying the fire is a plus, but the real benefits appear when you realize all of the different visual display options that are available on high-quality models. The perfect solution for setting a unique atmosphere within your home with ease.

Whether you decide to go with one of these incredible electric models or if you are more comfortable with the gas options, you will find a great selection of linear fireplaces for sale over at Embers Living. Their collection of beautiful high-quality fireplaces is truly unmatched, as is their customer service. If you are thinking about installing one of these fireplaces in your home, give them a call at 303-800-5659 today.

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