What Are The Different Types Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

You know all those times you saw someone with a beautiful smile and wished you had such great teeth too? Well, your dream might soon turn into a reality when you reach out to a quality dentist for cosmetic dentistry in Livonia, MI


Cosmetic dentistry is one of the top advancing dental procedures of all in today’s modern world. It allows the patient to enhance their teeth’s aesthetic appeal by getting the smile they desire. However, before you start dreaming of perfect teeth again, you must know the different types of cosmetic dental procedures there are.

By doing so, you make it easier for you to know the process better and realize whether or not you should go for it. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry types below:

  • Teeth Bonding

In this cosmetic dental treatment, teeth bonding is done, which is using a resin material on cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth. Through this process, the faulty teeth can be made to look like a new one. Whether your tooth is broken or stained, there’s nothing that a teeth bonding procedure can’t fix. If you are planning on going for this treatment, you should know that it is painless and takes up to an hour to be completed.

  • Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are fixed on the front side of the tooth. By cementing it to the front, any visible flaw in your tooth can be covered. Nowadays, there is lumineers dental treatment available as well that is as effective as veneers but takes less time for preparation as compared to traditional veneers. However, none of these would matter if you don’t visit an experienced and skilled dentist.

  • Teeth Whitening

Unlike the above-mentioned cosmetic dental procedures, almost all of you might have heard about teeth whitening. As the name suggests, it is a procedure that patients undergo to get a brighter set of teeth instead of discoloured or stained teeth. In this process, the food debris and other material stuck on the teeth is cleaned, and then dentists use bleaching and other methods to whiten the teeth. Although not every person can get teeth whitening. You have to visit your dentist to know if you can or not.

  • Dental Crown

Dental crowns which are also known as caps are put over a tooth so that it can be restored to its normal shape and size. If you have a tooth that has a cavity or is cracked, a dental crown or even dental bridges in Livonia could be an ideal choice of procedure for you. By getting this treatment, you are not only improving your smile but are also enhancing your chewing ability which is important for your overall health too.


Those of you who were unaware of cosmetic dentistry and whether or not they should go for it, can go through the given information and make their choice accordingly. In case, you are looking for an expert dentist in Livonia for cosmetic dentistry or any other dental procedure, you can call Platinum Dental Care today.


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