How Technology Enhances The Customer Experience At Contact Centres In 2020

It looked like fiction when people talked about shrinking the time and distance and advancing the one to one conversation in real-time. That fiction seems to overturn into a reality today. Why? Simply because of the technology. As we enter a new decade, we are entering into a new arena of advanced technology. Ten years ago, people had just heard of the novel concept of taking the business online. But now, it seems like almost every business has a virtual platform. Further, in the next ten years, things seem to take off to an unexpected edge.

The question posed is, why it has become a necessity to use technology to gear up for all sorts of businesses, be it a start-up or a big business?

The clear answer to this question is that the technology has advanced, modified, and commenced a new dimension to the customer service. Today what has significantly changed is the advanced and seamless experience of online customers. For example, Microsoft dynamics CRM partners offer great customer service to businesses. It assists small businesses looking for growth, and big businesses to find large-scale solutions.

Let’s look at the table-turning advancements in technology. Those, which have garnered the trust and support of customers and eventually business corporations.

Automated Services: 

Customers prefer to avail self-services. They do not want anyone to get on their minds while availing of the services or buying a product. The automation helps in availing the services easily and efficiently. This saves the time and energy of both the customers and agents on the other end.


Has it ever happened that you were just thinking to buy a pair of skiing boots and as you open your phone or computer you find so many ads for those? Yes, that happens, because technology is extremely sharp. The technology is, in fact, capable of monitoring and grasping customer behavior insights. It uses these insights to bring data related to customers’ choices and thoughts. Who would not love it? Getting easy access to the world market. And so many choices.


Chatbots on different websites help in getting the exact answer to the question in our minds. Most often the FAQs do not answer many of our questions. But, the assistants sitting online help the customers find the product or services and sort out their queries.

Virtual reality: 

Thanks to this technology, for helping us probe the product and services, even, sitting miles away. Virtual reality has introduced a new way for businesses to showcase their products. Rather than physically visiting a place, the virtual platform has provided the opportunity to experience the same while sitting at home. This is how the businesses are rapidly growing as the technology has expanded their customers throughout the world.

Good customer experience has become a pivotal objective of all businesses. It increases brand awareness, brand- credibility, and brand valuation. Therefore, businesses are on run to add more and more technological advancements to enhance and accommodate customer services.


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