What Are the Common Problems in A Commercial Kitchen?

A full-fledged kitchen is the prerequisite of prospering food businesses. For the restaurants, their kitchens stand at their heart. The businesses touch the pinnacle if the kitchen is performing efficiently and effectively, and conversely, they take a nose dive if the kitchen is not carrying out its performance adequately. By performing and non-performing kitchen, it means that the performance of the staff and the environment of the restaurant’s kitchen. Their coherence and their feature of being apt and considerate can only yield constructive and productive results.

But, there are some basic and common issues that most of the commercial kitchens face. These are what can lead to toppling any food business. The problems are listed below as:

Lack of basic Equipment: 

One of the basic and most common problems in commercial kitchens is that the staff is not provided with the appropriate and required equipment. Setting high expectations with minimum resources makes it tough and stressful for the staff in the kitchen to perform well. The commercial kitchen must have the basic and required equipment like a freezer, Walk-in cooler, deep fryer, grill, pans, utensils, and, especially, commercial convection oven.

2- Cleaning and Maintenance Problems:

The maintenance of equipment in commercial kitchens is a bigger problem than the scarcity of the equipment itself. This is negligence that occurs at the other part-by staff. The staff members avoid cleaning and maintaining key equipment like ovens, refrigerators, and stoves. The cleanliness is directly associated with the food safety of the restaurant. The health of the customers depends on the cleanliness of the equipment and the kitchen itself. Therefore, any mishap with a customer can jeopardize the integrity of the restaurant. Also, If the equipment is not well maintained, it becomes vulnerable to damage and wears, quite often and early. And it is not possible to re-install new equipment every other month, so it must be assured that the equipment is maintained and cleaned regularly or quite often.

3- Congested Space and Size of the Kitchen:

It creates a mess in the commercial kitchens when there are large staff members and constrained space. Working in a commercial kitchen means that you will have to deal with recurring orders in a loop, which makes everyone go here and there. It means that there is usually an ongoing hustle and bustle all around the kitchen. But if the space is limited, there are more chances of collisions, therefore mental frustration and tiresome. The commercial kitchens must be spacious and wide enough to allow the staff to move freely to work easily and comfortably.

4- Being Unable to Find the Required Thing: 

This is probably the most irritating problem in a commercial kitchen. Since there is so much work going on and the utensils and ingredients are not placed in their respective places, it becomes a quest to find an item amid a tense situation. Unorganized cabinets, refrigerators, and pantry are what creates frustration and outrage in the kitchen’s staff.


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