5 Upgrades for Your Commercial Kitchen

We’ve all heard of upgrading our kitchens regularly and getting our kitchen design plan redesigned. However, upgrades and redesigning is just as important for commercial kitchens than it is for home kitchens. If you happen to be working in a restaurant or part of the foodservice industry, you might know how important this may be for your commercial kitchen. A kitchen that is not functioning properly ultimately compromises efficiency, slowing down the entire process. Restaurant owners who do not pay enough heed to this problem can severely impact the restaurant’s performance overall.

Therefore, the first thing you need to consider is a kitchen evaluation. Go through your commercial kitchen aisles and look for the equipment that needs to be replaced, repaired, or changed, or if there is any potential room for more equipment in the kitchen. Be sure to ask the chefs and staff if more products could be brought to add to the convenience and efficiency of the restaurant’s performance and production. To make things even easier for you, we have listed down five potential upgrades you can consider when upgrading your commercial kitchen.

New refrigeration set-up

Is your current refrigeration set-up? Does it get the job done in terms of storing your food properly, preventing it from going bad, and provides sufficient cooling? If yes, you are good to go. However, if not, you probably are over-stuffing your current set-up and need an additional one or require an entirely new one to cater to your refrigeration needs.

Advanced ovens 

Another factor you must consider is to get specialized ovens for every purpose. If your ‘multi-purpose’ oven was purchased ages ago, chances are it is not energy sufficient, and it may cause your electricity or gas bills to increase significantly. It is best to buy specialized ovens. For instance, if you run a pizza place, invest in a quality, cost-effective oven like the Middleby Marshall PS536 Conveyor Pizza Oven.

Basic resources 

Do you have access to necessities like water, electricity, and gas? If not, you not only need to repair your existing appliances as they may get obsolete and overworked with time, but you might also have to look out for potential shortages and leakages.

Prep tables 

If your current workspace is too crowded or your staff is having trouble with managing everything, you must provide them with sufficient prep tables. Ideally, you must create a separate workstation for each step. This not only adds convenience but ensures there is no compromise on food production and service quality.

Commercial hood

Proper ventilation is essential for the safety of your staff members and your customers too. Hoods are a required element in the UK to prevent mould build-up and ensure sufficient ventilation. If you do not have one already, it is best to invest in a commercial hood or a kitchen-extractor fan asap.

Now that you have all of the following things checked, you are good to go. We bet this will not only help your staff members in being more efficient, but it will also significantly increase the quality of service and food production your restaurant is putting up with.


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