An Accurate Guide for Teachers to Create Online Exam Test

As the world experience a new transmissible disease in the form of Covid-19, it becomes hectic for educational institutes to continue the physical classes. Therefore, almost all educational institutes move towards an online learning system. Many educational software providers started offering free exam management software, ERP system to support the educational sector. However, one of the main hassles that almost every teacher started facing is creating the online exam test.

Especially in 3rd world countries, online teaching becomes a burden for school teachers. This is due to the old traditional methods that weren’t applicable in the digital system. But fortunately, digital technology made it easy for every teacher to create online exam text effectively.

Here, this article highlights the easy methods for teachers to create online exam tests. So let’s explore.

How to Create an Online Exam Test?

Since the advent of the internet, things are changing rapidly. This ultimately affected the industries, especially the educational sectors. With the creation of free digital academies, students find support to excel in their performance in the classroom. But teachers still stick with the old traditional methods, which becomes the reason behind the ineffective online classes.

Despite having years of experience in teaching, educators still need to learn and get trained to enhance their performance in online teaching. But these are the long-term goals that need to be adopted gradually. The current problem of creating online exam tests needs an instant and flexible solution. Therefore, this article brings you the following key methods that every educator can utilize to create online exam tests by doing thorough research.

1. Know The Objectives First:

Being a teacher, you always need to think about the test objectives you want to achieve. For instance, if you want students to justify an economic argument, then choosing the MCQs can be a poor choice. You need to create a complete argument theory paper that helps students to articulate economic arguments. Therefore, the base is always the learning objectives you want to achieve.

An instant solution is to write the key topics that can help students in future studies. Now, once you wrote the key topics, select the most necessary one. Determine whether you need to create MCQs from that topic or theory questions. Similarly, move towards the rest of the important topics and create one question from each of them. This helps you to create an effective online exam test.

2. Write Instructions:

Instructions are often neglected in the online examination. However, it plays a vital role in students’ performance. For instance, if your students know the time limit and the restrictions, they will be able to study accordingly. But often, instructions are messed up with the physical exam structure. Teachers write down the instruction at the start of the paper.

This means that a student can only preview when he opens the exam sheet. This is never the best solution for your students. You can easily write instructions on the portal, defining the learning outcomes, test duration, and restrictions.

3. Take Help from Exam Software:

One of the most important parts of conducting an online examination test is always the exam software. It enables teachers to create an online exam test flexibly. Mostly, teachers consider free tools and software like google sheet. This is not the best solution when you are conducting mid or annual exams.

You need to think about choosing the exam software that is specially designed to address the specific need of both teachers and students. This will not only help teachers to create exam tests effectively but also helps in monitoring & supervising. Therefore, it is mandatory for teachers to utilize modern exam software to create effective exams.


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