Nikola Tesla : The Revolutionary Face of Electric Era

Nikola Tesla is known for his uncommon intellectuality. His scientific discovery introduced a new face of science to the world, hence he is known among the world-renowned inventors. He brought about a new revolution in electricity and did everything he could in the revolution of electricity. He was a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, inventor, scientist, and a very futuristic person known for his contribution towards electricity. He invented the system that runs on alternating current with higher efficiency.

Prior Life

A small town Smiljan in Croatia was the birthplace of Nikola Tesla,  he was born on 10 July 1856 in that small town. Tesla’s parents expecting a lot from him like his elder brother did, which creates tremendous pressure on Tesla. This helps him to be strong mentally.

His schooling was completed from Karlovac, Croatia, and electrical engineering from Austrian Polytechnic in Graz. During this period he studied about uses and applications of an electric current. Later he joined The University of Prague and left it with completing the first term of summer1880.

Later in 1881, he migrated to work for the American telephone company located in Budapest, Hungary. Tesla becomes the chief  electrician and later first electrical engineer to work for a telephone exchange company 

In 1882, he moved to Paris, France to work for the electrical company named Continental Edison Company (CEC) for redesigning and modifying the electrical systems, In that same year, Tesla clicked with an idea of induction motor and devices working on a rotating magnetic field ( Later patented in 1888). Charles Batchelor was one of the administrators of CEC who saw the genius of Tesla and impulse him to go to The US to work for Edison in a US-based company.

 Working with Edison

In 1884 Tesla arrived in The US with a letter of recommendation from Batchelor to Edison. 

In this letter, Batchelor said that “I know two great men and you are one of them; the other is this young man.” 

Then Tesla started working in a company named “Edison Machine Works”. Tesla started with simple electrical and quickly jumped to solving the difficult problems of the company. Seeing his genius, Edison offered him complete redesigning of DC generators of Edison’s Company. According to Tesla, he was offered the sum of $50000 for complete redesigning and improvements in DC motors and generators. Tesla took over a year to complete this offer, after completion of his work, Tesla enquired about his reward, then Edison replied, ” Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor” 

Solitary Venture

In 1886, Tesla decided to form his own company named  “Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing”. At the initial stage, investors refused to invest in his idea of Alternating Current. and eventually dismissed him.form his work. After that incident. Tesla work for a year (1886-1887) for feeding himself. Tesla noted this was the hardest time of his life.

 During his hardest period, a patent attorney agreed to help him to work on his idea of alternating current and setting up his laboratory in NewYork.An idea of brushless alternating current induction motor first comes in Tesla’s mind and he constructed that in 1887 and demonstrated to AIEE. In AIEE Tesla comes in contact with an American entrepreneur named George Westinghouse Nikola Tesla’s engrossing ideas impressed Westinghouse and he bought all AC inventions for a million Dollars and agreed for paying a royalty of $ 1/ hp produced, In the same year he produced an X-ray which is widely used today. In 1888, he came up with an idea of the Tesla Coil and continuing to working on it. Then he becomes the neutralized citizen of the United States at the age of 35 on July 30, 1891. After that, he established several laboratories in the US. His first patents were approved at the age of 36 years for polyphase power systems. 

First Introduction of AC Systems

 During international exposition in 1893, visitors introduced with AC power byTesla and Westinghouse. The World’s First Large Scale Power Generation Plant Was established on Niagara Falls in 1896 which produces AC power, in the same year Tesla filed his Radio patent. In 1898, Tesla introduced the US army with his Radio Controlled Boat. Directed Energy Weapon is one of the best inventions of Nikola Tesla, Tesla working since 1900 on directed energy weapon (Death Ray) till his death “The Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-dispersive Energy through the Natural Media “. is one of his document published by him on Death Ray

Last Breath

On January 8, 1943,  at the age of 86 years, Tesla breathed its last in New Yorker hotel. Heart failure was the reason for his death. Tesla is known for its geniuses and extraordinary imagination. This man was very much futuristic and can visualize the future with his inventions. Today we are using the SI unit for measuring magnetic flux density and magnetic density named Tesla.

Tesla was a genius person and had the ability to visualize the working model of his inventions. He worked on his own and developed a system with high efficiency and performance. With his inventions and discoveries, the world introduced to the new face of science and technology and it made him a uniquely intelligent scientist on earth.


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