How Organic Fertilizer help in Biodiversity in soil ?

Not all plants grow equally well in the same soil. Each plant has a preferred nutritional and microbial environment it thrives in.

When soil balance is optimized for our plants, the crop plants are healthier than the weeds. Now, the weeds are more susceptible to disease and insects than the surrounding crop. The present agricultural model depends on plants absorbing water-soluble ions as their primary source of nutrients. This produces plants that are dependent on pesticides to prevent them from being consumed by diseases or insects. This system causes soil (as well as water and air) degradation and deteriorating crop health and ultimately damages the soil biodiversity.

we will begin new video series on this to explain all in detail with a scientific explanation in which we will cover the soil health (how to measure and how to improve it) and how to improve plant nutrition.

Organic Fertilizerprovides …

More soil life

Organic soils contain more micro-organisms and earthworms. These are very important for fertility and soil structure.

More flowers and plants

In organic farms, you will find more wild plants and more plant species.

More fauna

In organic farms, there are more Beatles, bees, spiders and butterflies, and more birds.

More cultivated species

Agro-biodiversity is bigger in organic farms as a result of crop rotation, intercropping, and mixed cultivation.

Meer landscape variation

Organic farms are better at showing seasonal, historical, and special characteristics of a region. The number of biotopes is higher at organic farms.


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