Know the Possible Causes of Neurological Disorders!

Neurological disorders affect the brain and the nerves found in the human body. These disorders are the disease of the peripheral and the central nervous system. When any damage happens to the brain, it can affect your memory, personality, and sensation. These disorders occur because of genetic conditions, illness, and traumatic injury. The brain and spinal cord get insulated with several membranes. These membranes can become vulnerable to pressure and force. The peripheral nerves also become susceptible to damage.

Neurological disorders have a broad category of diseases that vary according to various symptoms. It can affect the single neuron or the whole neurological pathway. A small disturbance can lead to dysfunction of the neurological process. You need to understand its causes so that you can rush the patient to the neurology clinic. Let us now see a few possible causes of these neurological disorders. 

·         Severe infection that arises from various diseases

·         Changes in lifestyle can lead to acute pressure on the brain

·         People who consume less nutritious food can get neurological disorders

·         Genetically related diseases have a grave effect

·         Physical injuries to the brain have a direct effect

·         Even environmental changes also affect the working of the brain

·         Traumatic injury in children below the age of 4 years, young adults between 15 years and 25 years, and elderly who are 65 years and older suffer from neurological disorders.

·         Use of drugs and alcohol

·         Stress and depression

·         Severe headaches or migraine problem

·         Epilepsy or seizure problem

·         Imbalance and dizziness also leads to brain disorders

·         Fainting leads to unconsciousness, and one of its causes is mini-stroke too

These are a few causes or symptoms of neurological disorders; one must rush the person to the neurologists if they notice these symptoms. Experienced neurologists are specialists in various fields related to neurology.

The neurologists will carry out the full diagnosis of the patient. The diagnostic procedures include: 

·         Evoke Potential

·         Video EEG Monitor

·         Transcranial Doppler (TCD)

·         Electroencephalogram or EEG

·         Ultrasound for diagnosing CTS

These diagnostic procedures will help the neurologists decide on the type of medicines given to the patients. You can refer the CNC neurologists who own neurology specialties in every area. The patients can visit the neurology specialists at Complete Neurological Care for receiving therapeutic and pain management services. Call their experts today to book an appointment and visit@ Complete Neurological Care Clinic 112-47 Queens Blvd #206, Queens, NY 11375.





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