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Hair extensions are ruling the market and all our hearts because they are such an essential part of our lives. We all wish to have long, voluminous, and strengthened hair and with hair extensions, we can achieve all that in no time. Different types of hair extensions are there for our rescue but the most important thing is the quality. Well, we cannot emphasize enough how important the role of quality plays in giving the seamless blend and natural look to your hair. We want to wear hair extensions but certainly don’t want people to realize that these aren’t our real hair. If you choose the correct type of quality and type, one can easily escape the eyes of the doubt. As far as the quality is concerned, there are two main types. 

Remy or human hair extension 

These are the actual human hair, which means that their natural shine, softness, and health remain intact because of the unprocessed cuticle. Remy hair can be heat styled, colored, toned, color-washed, and treated just the way you treat your natural hair. The natural nature of these Remy hair extensions makes it a lot earlier for the user to work with them and maintain them. Moreover, they blend naturally with your natural look. You can choose from several hair color options that are available in stores such as Remy chocolate hair, Black Remy, Indian Remy so on, and so forth. 

Synthetic hair extension

Although these are much cheaper than the Remy hair extensions the thing that comes down to is quality. Synthetic ones do not last long and on the other hand, are very sensitive to sun exposure and moisture in the air. This means,  all the money that you put in them is going to drown.  Unlike Remy hair, these are difficult to style, cannot handle heat styling, cannot be toned, dyed, or colored. As far as the blending is concerned, these do not blend at all with natural hair. 

Talking about the different types of hair extensions, there are several, some of them are named as: 


These are commonly known for the ease of application, seamless blend it provides, and the comfort. They aren’t high maintenance and so you can use them for long without hassles. 


These are somewhat similar to the clip-ins as they can instantly enhance your ponytails or any other hairstyle. They add the required length and thickness to your hair, giving your braid to look naturally perfect. 

Halo and tape-ins are also what people love to get, but they are a bit difficult rather time-consuming to maintain. Also, they can slightly damage your hair too. This list of types doesn’t end here, nevertheless, the choice is yours to make. Visit the best online stores to get the most premium quality Remy chocolate hair or other different types of hair extensions at affordable prices. 

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