How To Use Google Analytics To Boost E-Commerce Sales?

Google Analytics is one of the most important SEO tools. It allows users to analyse the complete website and gather data regarding its SEO performance. In the case of eCommerce, It will help you in gathering stats about traffic and sales on the website. There are no restrictions or limitations of any kind, applicable to the usage. 

Anyone can easily access Google Analytics for gathering stats regarding their website and its performance. If you focus on the best digital marketing strategies, then you can find the presence of Google Analytics there as well. Similarly, it works as essential in gathering valuable data to boost the traffic and sales of an eCommerce website. 

Best Ways To Use Google Analytics For ECommerce Success 

Google Analytics can be used by a professional in several ways for achieving the online goals. Everyone does not know such ways or how to use it efficiently for the maximum benefits. 

Track Marketing Campaigns 

While running a marketing campaign, everyone has to keep an eye on its performance and results. You can track such performance of marketing campaigns with the use of this tool. You have to connect your Google AdWords account with Analytics. After that, you will start getting stats about impressions, clicks, leads, and conversions. 

Track Sales & Revenue 

In every business, it is important to track actual sales and revenue. It helps in identifying, the strategy is working perfectly, or it needs any kind of improvement. In other words, you can say it will be useful in figuring out the place or area where you are lacking. Here, you will get answers to the following questions. 

  • Which landing page is providing the maximum conversions?

  • What are the sources of the audience for reaching your website or landing pages?

These are the basic ones. You will get lots of data and information by which you can get a perfect answer to all your queries. You can also set up goals in Google Analytics by which you can compare the actual performance and projection. 

Website Traffic Tracking 

Having lots of traffic on your website is a good thing, but not knowing about the source is also not good. You have to track the website performance to figure out what the main areas are from where you are getting the maximum traffic. With it, you have to find out what the sources or nature of traffic are. 

  • Referral Traffic 

  • Direct Traffic 

  • Organic Traffic 

  • Social Traffic

  • Email Traffic 

You can get such trends by setting up your time frame. With it, you can also figure out what element is distracting your traffic on the website or landing page and affecting the conversion rate. 

Understand Target Audience 

Understanding the target audience is one of the most important tasks. In case you don’t have complete information about the audience and understand it, then you will not achieve the objectives. Google Analytics will provide you that particular opportunity to understand them as well. It will specify the audience on several factors. 

  • Gender 

  • Age Group 

  • Devices 

  • Interest 

These stats will be based on the visitors who access your website. You can easily know who loves to visit and spend time on your website and where you are lacking to grab others’ attention. To get such valuable insights, you have to access the Google Analytics dashboard and then Audience > Interest > Overview. 

Understand Shopping Behaviour 

For the eCommerce websites, it is crucial to understand the shopping behaviour of customers. It is the only source by which you can get what kind of products opened, clicked, or added to the cart by the visitors. To avail of such a benefit and get all insights, you have to enable the eCommerce settings. Otherwise, you will not get such data easily. 

To understand the visitors and check out the buyers’ journey, you should visit the Google Analytics dashboard and then Conversions > E-Commerce > Shopping Behaviour. 

Keyword Search Analytics 

To measure the search performance of a website, everyone pays attention to the performance of keywords. Google Analytics will help you in figuring out what search terms are performing perfectly and bringing traffic to the website. It will be useful in making changes in the targeted keywords accordingly and get ranked by holding the top-notch position on the search engine result pages. 

Shopping Cart Abandonment 

It is a common issue with all types of eCommerce platforms. In reality, it is not good for anyone. The shopping cart abandonment rate reflects how many visitors pick your products, add to the cart but leave the website without checking out. Google Analytics will help you in getting insights regarding such a rate. You can make changes on the website accordingly by which you can decrease such a rate and increase the number of conversions. 

These are some major uses of Google Analytics for an eCommerce website. With all these things, the website owners will get valuable insights and figure out what they have to do. Based on such data, they can make sales-oriented changes or modifications on the website. You can get help from the SEO experts to understand the reports and all GA insights properly. 


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