How to Design a Room with Black Furniture?

Black is the colour of sophistication, grandeur, and luxury. Not only does it display strength and stability, but it also makes anything look more artistic and stylish. Black is a colour liked by all, but when it comes to using this shade in home décor, things take a complicated turn. Most of the times homeowners buy black furniture out of their liking, but they don’t know how to make the furniture complement the overall decoration of the room. Putting a black bed set in a room won’t give it the glam look you need. Here are a few tips and tricks to design your room with black furniture and make it look dramatically appealing.

Neutral Bedding with a Black Bed

If you have a master bedroom, even a complete black setup will go just fine, but it smaller rooms black furniture may seem a little too heavy. Black is indeed a strong colour, but it doesn’t have to outshine the value of other colours used in the room. The best way to create a balance is to play with neutral colours. Crisp neutral colours such as cream, khaki, pale yellow, white, and even grey can add value to the boldness of the bed. Choose the pillows and beddings in such colours to unify them with the black background.

Bold Patterns and Accents

When you are pairing the bedding and other accessories of the room with black, why don’t you try adding some black hues in terms of patterns and accents in the wall paintings, pillow designs, rugs, and other items in the room? For example, a cream coloured pillowcase with black polka dots or a black rug with white geometrical patterns will ultimately soften the effect of darkness in the room and give it a glamorous look.

Use Black-Finish Fixtures

To make the perfect style statement for your back themed room, you have to make sure that there is a little black in everything. This isn’t to say that you cover your room in pitch black, but contrasting black with other colours can do magic. Let’s say you have created a lighter coloured theme to balance it with the black bed, side tables, and couch. You can use black side lamps, wall frames with black outlines, black window panes, and black nightstand to make the room more aesthetic.

Work On the Floors and Walls

The furniture takes up a lot of space in any room, but it doesn’t mean that you can ignore the flooring and walls as they are still visible. The trend of contrasting black and white is still used, but other trends are also on the forefront. People are now more on the grey side, which is why grey walls are popular, especially when you are designing a room with black furniture. To give a sleek and stylish effect, you can also look for cheap wall tiles for sale. Don’t go for patterned tiles as it will overshadow the theme. Keep your walls and floor choices as simple as you can when you are dealing with bold colours.


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