Guide on Window Tinting Level

When it comes to window tinting levels, you have a wide range of options from 5% to 90%. These levels are represented as the percentages of visible light transmission (VLT), which is the amount of visible light that can come through the windows. In the simplest terms, the lower the percentage, the darker the tint will be.

The most common window tinting levels are described below:

Fifty Percent Tint: If you’re not looking for complete darkness, then a 50% tint is a great option. It is effective to keep out UV rays and helps reduce glare and eye strain.

Thirty-Five Percent Tint: A vehicle with a 35% tint will give you a darker appearance but it’s still very easy to see through. It creates a smooth and stylish look.

Twenty Percent Tint: If you are concerned about privacy, then you should go for a 20% tint. It’s difficult to see through it from the outside.

Five Percent Tint: If you install this level of tint then no one is able to see it inside the car. It is extremely dark and only allows 5% of visible light.

Hope, The above information guides you while selecting window tint for your car. If you are looking for someone who can provide your quality window tint then get in touch with Window Tinting Brantford.


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