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Students, parents, teachers, and administrative decision makers are key participants in the coaching agency. Here’s how the software can help these stakeholders.

Single dashboard with insights from multiple locations

Management teams that manage coaching agencies in many locations often find it difficult to track insights.

Student performance, absenteeism, teacher feedback, cost management and infrastructure issues are some of the areas that need ongoing monitoring. Coaching class management software provides a single dashboard for management with multiple reporting functions and granular controls.

Role-based access to the system can be granted to teachers, guest instructors, and administrative staff working in various locations.

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With the help of a centralized syllabus manager, you can keep the quality of training at the same level. Senior management can also check the performance of all students. For improvement for some students, you can set parameters and track your progress.

The software can be easily integrated with websites, parent-student apps, and forums, making the homework distribution process as well as online assignments and declaring results easier. Administrators can also distribute e-books, PDF files, and podcast files through various channels, such as the coaching center’s website, app, or forum. A centralized management team can manage these functions, so teachers can devote 100% of their time to training.

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The management team can do all of these tasks from the headquarters or other remote locations.

Digitization of the allocation and evaluation process

Test dates can be updated on the website and notifications can also be sent to parents.

The likelihood of human error in the testing process can be reduced with manual maintenance procedures that are performed automatically. Coaching agency software integrated with the online testing platform automates the complex and time-consuming tasks of scoring and evaluating assignments.

Online tests and assignments can be evaluated within seconds. Results and grades can be emailed or updated in the parent’s app with further explanation from the instructor.

Handling inquiry

Query processing is one of the most important features of any educational institution. Automation can be the best alternative to designating a dedicated receptionist to review the online contact form submitted on the coaching center’s website.

Coaching class management software can be integrated with your organization’s website. You can categorize data into leads or direct student inquiries to relevant teams. It could also be a program that automatically generates and sends promotional messages to potential customers.

Helping schools remain student-friendly

Coaching institutions must ensure that all students make the most of the coaching provided by their teachers. While students may have some questions or concerns, it may not be appropriate to ask the same questions during the lecture. Failure to address issues can affect your child’s test performance. What’s more, it can ruin your intention to attend coaching classes.

Coaching Center Management Software helps handle grievances, conduct surveys, and allows parents and students to provide regular feedback on sessions. Solutions from developers like MyEdu allow parents and students to complain and receive the same ticket number. The software automatically assigns forms to relevant departments and sends notifications to stakeholders to ensure timely resolution.

Links to survey and feedback forms can also be sent to students and parents via email, institutional applications and text messages.

Fee notifications can be sent to parents with reference links to online payment options. This step can help students avoid embarrassment.

Management data management

It is the responsibility of the Coaching Center to maintain the necessary details, including all student attendance and academic records. In addition, other details such as municipal certification, annual fire safety audit details, tax and school board assessment reports are maintained. For salary purposes, you can save the total hours worked for teachers and guest instructors. And, of course, the most important record-keeping activity is maintaining fee-related data.

Until the last decade, these tasks have required a lot of human resources. The school management software solution was for a large organization, and the coaching agency couldn’t afford it. These days, dedicated coaching class management solutions can be modified for small and large organizations.

School and coaching classes have a lot in common. However, the latter should be more student-centric. If you are looking for a software solution provider to design and develop coaching instruments,


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