5 Reasons Why our Salted Caramel with Belgian Milk Chocolate is the Ultimate Gourmet Popcorn Flavour.

We have a generous variety of unique, quirky and delicious flavours here at Popcorn Shed, but today we want to talk about the ultimate flavour of the Popcorn world. The flavour that once you try you will never want another popcorn flavour again. The flavour that has just the right ratio of salty and sweet salted caramel popcorn. Sea-salted buttery caramel. But this flavour is more than just the caramel. There is also a generous dose of velvety, creamy Belgian milk chocolate.

Each monster mushroom kernel is air popped to create fluffy popcorn that is then lightly coated with a delicious caramel and then… drizzled with Belgian milk chocolate, enhancing flavour and mouth-feel.

Here’s just a few reasons why Salted Carmel Caramel is the perfect gourmet popcorn flavour for any and every occasion:

1. It’s award winning.

We won a Great Taste award for this flavour in 2016 and 2017. This is basically the Oscars of the food world and is kind of a big deal!

2. The texture is perfection itself.

Smooth caramel but with drizzle chocolate gives it that extra mouth hit of deliciousness.

3. The ultimate foodie flavour.

The perfect combination of salty, sweet and chocolate. It’s a simple idea but it has o be done properly and here at Popcorn Shed, we have mastered it!

4. The perfect match.

It makes the perfect movie night companion. It also goes incredibly well on top of popcorn. In fact, it is the perfect topping for everything (cakes, pies, brownies, tarts, you name it).


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