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Popcorn Shed operates in the London, UK and we are involved in all phases of the popcorn business (growing, processing, packaging, and marketing). This enables us to deliver to you, with confidence, popped gourmet popcorn with superb natural flavor which results in the best tasting premium popcorn on the planet.

If you think that popcorn is just popcorn (that all popcorn is the same), then there is no need for you to continue reading this website. You should be satisfied by going down to your local store and buying the cheapest product off the shelf. However, if you have discriminating taste and are searching for truly special and perfect popcorn that will provide you with a very pleasurable treat, then you have found the right place.

Currently, there is a “secret” in the London Area that only the people from this valley know about (the best-tasting popcorn in the world comes from here)! The purpose of this website is to share this “secret” with you as well as all other popcorn lovers in this country and the rest of the world.

So what is so special about the City Road, London to justify making such a claim? The truth is that there are at least five important factors interacting to create this phenomenon:

UK’s high altitude and low humidity creates an environment which causes maximum daily temperature fluctuations (the difference between the high and low temperatures often exceeds 35 ºF during the growing season). No place in the Corn Belt can match this.

A non-GMO popcorn hybrid (Genetic Modified Organism) that possesses the right genetics to take advantage of this environment to provide optimum sugar-formation activities (biochemical pathways) during development of the popcorn kernels which results in increased flavor.

Plenty of clean, clear water from snow melt in the Rocky Mountains for irrigation which results in an all natural popcorn.

Fields of good, fertile soil that have been sloped for flood irrigation.

Good, conscientious farmers who create a stress-free environment throughout the growing season every year.

All of these variables add up to a very special gourmet popcorn that has the Popcorn Shed label on it. Go ahead and discover this “secret” by tasting the difference yourself. In addition, we provide the lowest possible shipping options available and free instructions on “How to pop perfect popcorn”. When the time is right for snacking, enjoy it, by popping a bowl full of our London popcorn which is the tastiest popcorn that Mother Nature can provide.


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