5 Pizza Crust Issues and Their Solutions

Great pizzas have great crusts and great crusts come with excellent dough. Kneed it, stretch it, toss it and top it. Put that in the oven and you have a delicious pizza. While we have made it look very simple, there are occasions when things can go wrong with your crust. If you are very particular about your pizza and those crust issues are driving you crazy then we have got the solutions for you.

The Stuck Crust

One of the most common issues with pizza crust is that it gets stuck on to the cooking plate. While it may appear rich from the upper end, the bottom end can get stuck and destroy the shape of your pizza. So why does it get stuck and how to avoid it? The issue is most likely with the dusting flour. Flour is your best bet when you want a perfectly smooth crust. Don’t be afraid to put a lot of it before you put that thing in the oven and keep the oven temps low. Speaking of which, check out these Middleby Marshall Pizza ovens.

 Tip: Try using a metal peel to avoid sticking.

Thy Holy Crust

The Holy crust drives the most patient cooks crazy. If you think that your dough is stubborn, you are not the only one. The dough can get either too crumbly or too stiff. If your dough rips apart then it means that it doesn’t have enough gluten. So leave it to rest for some time. If you are trying to toss and stretch it but your dough isn’t in the mood, chances are it didn’t have enough time for proof. Again, let it rest on the surface and flour it.

Blister Crust

Ever wondered why your Napolitano appeared like a huge monster from a sci-fi movie with lots of blisters on it? Usually, this happens when you work with dough that is too cold. While small bubbles may complement the aesthetics of the pizza, large bubbles can do the exact opposite. There are a few things you can do to avoid this. Make sure you have properly proofed your dough. When you take the dough out of the fridge make sure to give it some time to come to room temperature. We are sure that this can get rid of the bubbles.

Soggy Crust

We all know how everyone detests a pizza with a soggy crust. This is an even more common problem with leftovers. The first thing you have to do with leftovers is to skip microwaving. Use a pan to crisp it to perfection. What about fresh pizza? Check how much oil there is on your pizza. How much is the moisture content in your toppings? If you keep all these things in balance you are never going to have a soggy pizza again.

Saucy and Gooey Crust

What is the thickness of your sauce? Is your pizza high in fat? If your dough is all red and saucy chances are you are using too much sauce and meat fat. Be generous but moderate in your toppings.

Bottom Line

It is easy to make that crispy crust when you know what you are doing. We are sure these solutions will help you in making the perfect pizza in the future. Be generous with toppings and add as much meat and vegetable. But just make sure to keep it simple and don’t overdo it. It will help a lot.


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