5 Mistakes to Avoid When Freezing Food promptly After Cooking

Preparing two to three recipes and freezing it for later is a smart way to cut down your work during the week. But if you can’t do it right then all your hard work will go in the hole. Making extra food and then freezing it for future use is a simpler and quicker technique for saving time wisely. Many working women use this technique to lessen their workload on the busiest days. Any mistake in handling this process will result in going back to square one and wasting all your hard work.

There are many misconceptions and mistakes that we commit while we carelessly handle the food. So, here are five mistakes that you need to take care of while keeping the food risk-free stored in your fridge.

1. Setting the Temperature Extremely High:

The first misconception regarding freezing the food is that you have to set the temperature high to freeze the food quickly. Remember that your freezer needs to be adjusted at the correct temperature to preserve food safely. Use blast freezer if you have to store a large quantity of food. Its super-fast process makes sure that bacteria have zero to no time to develop, and it let you keep your food fresh in bulk.

2. Not Using Air Tight Containers:

When freezing food, it is essential to use airtight containers. You need to make sure you use zipper freezer bags, aluminum foil, or airtight plastic wrap. After wrapping the food, ensure that the air has been completely removed from the container or bag because then it will remove moisture from the packed food.

3. Not Freezing Food Quickly:

Understand that time is quality whenever you are freezing the food. When you freeze food quickly, there is less damage to cause from the bacteria, and it will result in preserving the flavor of food. You can speed up this process by lowering the temperature of your freezer. Try to divide them into smaller containers, and it will also freeze them before time. Freezing the food as soon as possible ensures the quality of food.

4. Putting the Hot Food Straight Into The Fridge:

It is right to put the food into the freezer as soon as possible, but it is not suitable to put the hot food into the fridge. Let the cooked food sit for at least two hours, and then you can keep in the refrigerator. Hot food should always be bought to room temperature before you place it in the fridge.

5. Freezing Food For Long Period:

Every food has its timeline in which you can freeze it. But freezing food for a long-lasting period will eventually go wrong. Maybe you can keep the food safe and bacteria-free, but it will cause freezer burn even to the most seal packed meal.


For freezing the foods safely, make sure you maintain the temperature of your fridge. You have to keep your freezer empty, and it will make the freezing process quicker.



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