What is the Cheapest and Safest Country for Holiday Travel?

Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you cannot plan a holiday with your family. You don’t need to visit an exotically expensive country that may not be safe even. For family holidays, your choice of the visiting country is important because you cannot take a chance with the safety of your family. However, high safety standards at lower prices are hard but not impossible to find. We have made the search easier for you with the best country for cheap and safe holiday travels. Have a look:

Portugal: The Cheapest And Safest Country

Portugal lies in the southwest corner of Europe while one-fifth of its Iberian peninsula is shared with Spain. The country is an ideal holiday destination as it is both cheap and safe. Although Iceland has the first ranking on the global peace index, we recommend Portugal because it is ranked at the 3rd position as the safest country along with being the cheapest too. Other countries are comparatively expensive. A major reason why Portugal is cheap is that the wage is €620. The most recommended way of enjoying your holidays in Portugal is to live like a local, and you’ll be able to enjoy more than you imagined. Take local transport, rent an apartment, and get acquainted with people as much as you can. English is widely spoken in Portugal as compared to Spain and other neighbouring countries, so there will be no language barrier.

The country has low-cost flights, accommodations, food, and transport. You can easily visit any city of Portugal even if you are on a budget as low as €40 as a dorm room rent is only €17 while the food will cost you €15, and the rest for transport and entertainment. Portugal is basically a summer holiday destination. Mostly the weather there is Mediterranean with sunny days and dry evenings in the Southern region and quite cooler on the northern side. To get the most of the cheap costs, make sure you choose an off-season trip by consulting UK holiday travel agents. In summers, the flights and accommodations will be at the height of costliness because people are rushing and booking in advance. If you really want to see how summers are celebrated in Portugal, you must book everything in advance.

As for safety, Portugal has proven that it cares for its locals as well as for tourists by maintaining a third position in the Global Peace Index. The country’s crime rate is exceptionally low. However non-violent crimes are still a problem in the capital city of Lisbon. The government is still trying to control the rate of loots and robberies. So, if you are travelling to Lisbon, make sure not to carry to much cash in your bag when you are roaming on the streets as bag snatchers and pick-pocketers can approach you. Other than that, you will not find any security threat or trouble as long as you stay in Portugal.


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