10 Best Practices to Improve Ecommerce SEO

Once you have defined your web marketing strategy, you know, the natural SEO of your e-commerce site on search engines such as Google is the nerve of the war to sell online. Suddenly, you activate … You focus on the basics you have acquired at conferences or SEO webinars you have followed. You create links to your site, you optimize the descriptions of your products with your strategic keywords, you regularly update your site … You spend time while as a-merchant, you probably have many other things than SEO to manage!

Yes but now, despite all your efforts, your e-commerce site stagnates in the lowlands of Google! You can do well, you cannot win positions on the giant search engines. Fortunately, an SEO company in Dubai thought of you. Their customer acquisition solution offers an infographic grouping 10 good SEO practices designed for e-commerce. After putting these 10 basic rules into practice, your e-commerce site will have every chance of positioning itself well on Google.

Structure your site

  1. Make sure you have a sitemap

An up-to-date sitemap has the main benefit of helping search engines identify your content. By defining the priority of the pages, you will tell the robots which ones to index first. Finally, check that your site meets the criteria of search engines by using sites such as

  1. Focus on link anchors

Use internal links, namely between the different pages of your e-commerce site, to ensure navigation of the latter. Create a content hierarchy and boost your “link juice”. More commonly known as “link juice”, this term refers to the beneficial effects on natural referencing that can transmit a site to another site or a page to another page via an outgoing link. To do this, correctly optimize the 3 fundamentals of a quality link: the hyperlink, the anchor and the appearance of the link.

  1. Optimize Alt attributes on images

For some e-commerce sites, images referenced on Google bring more traffic than organic searches. Indeed, images speak a lot to consumers. However, search engine robots need the “Alt” attribute to be able to identify the content of these images. So, make sure the Alt and Title tags clearly describe the image for naturally referencing them in the search engines.

For example, the format of an Alt tag would be “shoes-leather-man”. The Title is presented in the following form: “Men’s leather shoes”.

Optimize your content

  1. Search for keywords

Attention, an e-commerce site properly optimized for organic SEO uses the same language as its customers and potential visitors. So use SEO tools to search for keywords such as SEMrush . You will find the strategic keywords to reference your ecommerce website.

  1. Write unique product descriptions

Enrich the manufacturer’s descriptions by reworking their structure and adding strategic keywords. In fact, you will avoid having the same description as dozens of other merchants. The “duplicate content” is heavily penalized on Google.

If your catalog is too important, rework, at least, the texts of your flagship products.

  1. Keep content up-to-date

If your catalog does not change often, place promotions at the top of your category pages to keep content up to date. Also periodically update category descriptions to ensure they reflect the latest trends as well as product searches.

Mazen is the first software to save time in the management of its natural SEO. From search for keywords to tag optimization, from the semantic construction of pages to positioning tracking, all the tasks of the SEO can be performed from a single interface. On average, with Mazen , a SEO can save 4 to 10 hours of work per week. One of the most remarkable features is probably the CMS connection, which allows you to edit the contents of pages directly from Mazen.

Take care of the user experience and the design of your e-commerce site

  1. Improve the relevance of your pages

Check the content of your landing pages: is there a clear description? An image gallery of the products? A Buy button?

If users have difficulty finding what they are looking for, they will quickly leave your site. This will increase your bounce rate, what is the rate of visitors leaving your site immediately after they arrive. This is a negative point. This will strongly impact your relevance and therefore, your SEO.

  1. Work on a good site navigation

To optimize the SEO of your site, you need to simplify navigation on your e-commerce to reduce the bounce rate. Make sure users can find exactly what they’re looking for in just a few clicks. Also make sure they interact easily with all your visual and call-to-action elements (CTA). For example, on the product sheets, the Buy button should be above the waterline. This means that the user does not have to scroller the page to click on this call-to-action.

  1. Improve the speed of your site

Search engines such as Google do not like recommending slow pages. So use free tools like Pingdom or PageSpeed Tools to determine how fast to load your ecommerce website.

For information, in 2018, the best sites do not take more than 2 to 3 seconds to load.

  1. Keep your pages online

When a product is out of stock, an e-merchant will tend to de-index the pages concerned. This can be bad for your SEO. Stay tuned for key queries by:

  • Offering a selection of similar or related products
  • Creating a redirect to the main category of the product

How does Fortius Technologies LLC help you to optimize all these good practices?

When you create an online sales site with the Fortius e-commerce solution, there are some technical elements mentioned above that you do not even have to think about. Indeed, as a SaaS solution, we take care of all the technical part of your merchant site. Thus, for the notions of site plan for example, it is Fortius who takes care of it automatically.

Regarding the design, we offer free templates optimized for navigation, ergonomics and conversion. These can be, of course, customized to match the graphic charter of the brand. However, the trader will not have to worry about the details of waterline, visibility of call-to-action or others.

Fortius Technologies LLC provides the most optimized e-commerce solution for SEO.


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