Why is the COP of air source heat pump so critical?

The energy efficiency ratio of air conditioner can be divided into cooling and heating. The cooling energy efficiency ratio (EER) refers to the ratio of rated cooling capacity to rated energy consumption. COP means the ratio of rated heating capacity to rated input power. The air conditioning energy efficiency we commonly call indicates EER, the energy efficiency ratio of cooling. The energy efficiency ratio of air source heat pump represents COP, the heating efficiency ratio.

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Air source heat pump uses electric energy to absorb low temperature heat in the air and convert it into high temperature heat available for use. Since the initial heat energy comes from the air, its energy efficiency ratio (COP) can reach 4.0 or higher. The energy efficiency ratio (COP) of air source heat pump represents “energy generated by equipment/power consumption”. The value of COP directly indicates the heating efficiency of heat pump, and the higher the energy efficiency, the more power-saving the air heat pump will be. Therefore, COP is an important parameter to measure the performance of an air to water heat pump.

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The COP of air source heat pump is also affected by actual environmental factors, which is not unchanged. First, the higher the ambient temperature is, the higher the energy efficiency ratio of air source heat pump will be. Accordingly, the COP of air to water heat pump reaches the highest in summer, followed by spring and autumn, and the worst in winter. If regionally speaking, the COP of air source heat pump in the south is higher than that in the north. We recommend that ordinary air to water heat pumps should be used in the south, while low temperature air source heat pumps be used in the cold northern area, which ensures better environmental adaptability and higher heating capacity.


Moreover, the lower the temperature of the heated water, the higher the COP of air to water heat pumps. Hence, when users use air source heat pump for heating, they usually adopt the floor heating method (water temperature is 35℃-45℃), which is the most energy-saving heating mode. In contrast, the requirement of water temperature is generally higher and the energy efficiency ratio of air heat pump is relatively lower when using other heating terminals such as radiators. Besides, the pressure of the compressor is also lower at lower water temperature, which is very useful for prolonging its service life.


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