Understanding Air to Water DC Inverter Heat Pumps

At present, the main application fields of air to water heat pumps include hot water, cooling, heating and drying. There is no doubt that the development speed of house heating and cooling fields is the fastest. More and more air source heat pumps replace air conditioners in cold areas and become the first choice of heating in winter and cooling in summer. Air to water heat pumps do not only have similar working principle, function as air conditioners, but also have similar development routes. After the maturity of the on/off technology, it is gradually developing towards the inverter technology.

What is inverter air to water heat pump? Compared with ordinary air water heat pump, DC inverter heat pump has an additional frequency converter, which can change the frequency of the air source heat pump unit, so that it can adapt to various complex climatic environment with different frequencies.

SPRSUN Air Source DV Inverter Heat Pump

Most of the traditional air source heat pumps work at 220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz and control the operation of compressor (on/off) to heat and cool. Because the power supply frequency will not change, the compressor speed of non-inverter heat pump will neither change. When the temperature reaches the set value, the compressor will stop working; if the temperature drops below the set value, it will start working.

Inverter air source heat pumps change the operating frequency through the inverter and adjust the power supply frequency and speed of the compressor and the fan to ensure comfortable temperature in the room.

Inverter heat pump is like a fan with 24-hour continuous operation and automatic adjustment. When it’s cold, the “fan” rotates faster, improving the heat production and ensuring that the indoor temperature is not affected by the weather; when it’s hot, the “fan” rotates slowly and the indoor temperature can be guaranteed.

There are two main advantages with air source inverter heat pump. One is that it is more adaptable to the external environment and can automatically adjust the operating frequency of heat pump. The indoor temperature always keeps changing in a certain range. It will not cause great difference in the indoor temperature because of the outdoor environment. It provides better comfort while accurately controlling the temperature.

Secondly, the air source DC inverter heat pump keeps running all the time. It will not cause excessive noise because of the frequent start-up of the unit. In addition, when the heat pump runs at a low frequency, the noise is relatively lower, which ensures a more comfortable living environment.


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