Top-5 Worst Foods for Your Oral Health

What would you answer if someone asks you: what are the worst things for our oral health? Perhaps you would name coffee, cigarettes, and sugar. If you consider yourself an expert in this question, you would also mention soda, hot food, and nuts. But this is not the complete list.

Even some products that are considered healthy, may in fact be very bad for our oral health. Even a fresh fruit, the most innocent product ever, can cause damage. So what do you do? Of course, you shouldn’t deprive your body of food that contains nutrients necessary for it, but you should pay more attention to your oral hygiene after consuming them.

The Fiercest Enemies of Our Teeth

Below are the top products that are most aggressive to our teeth. It’s okay if you enjoy eating some of them sparingly but be sure that you take care of your oral hygiene afterward. But beware! Brushing your teeth after you’ve eaten something that contains acid is not recommended – it will only increase the acid’s aggression. Just rinse your mouth with clean water.

Muesli bar

This product is mistakenly considered a healthy one. Not only it doesn’t help you stay fit due to the high level of calories and sugar in it but it’s also bad for the teeth. Sticky sweet substance sticks between teeth, causing tooth decay and severe periodontal disease, and can even damage your filling. Blended nuts are very difficult to remove from between the teeth and in addition, they can get inside your cavities if you have them.


They are loaded with useful nutrients and vitamins but the acids and sugar they contain can’t be called friendly for our teeth. Maybe you’ve heard about lemon juice as a home remedy for teeth whitening? Forget about it and never try it yourself! Even eating citruses or drinking juices of these fruits can affect your teeth if you don’t rinse your mouth immediately after consumption. It’s the case when you shouldn’t brush them – it will help acid get deeper into your enamel.

Small seeds

Seeds are superfoods that can really benefit your general health but not your oral health. They stick wherever they can reach and can be very difficult to remove. So if you want to get healthier, you should better pick seeds of bigger size than sesame or poppy seeds.


Corn is bad for our teeth no matter how you cook it. Boiled corn sticks between teeth, popcorn creates the risk of fracturing a tooth if you occasionally bite an unroasted seed. And the scale can get under your gums and cause inflammation.

Fast carb food

White bread, dough, pies, cookies… This tasty comforting food not only makes you gain weight but also feeds bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay. Such food rots very fast and stays on your teeth as it is very soft. What a nice restaurant for bacteria – right on your dental enamel to get destroyed! 

Now you know that even seemingly-innocent food is not so innocent. Food has a complex influence over our body, and our goal is to make the most of it while avoiding the side effects.


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