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Event ideas are helpful, but only you will know what will be right for your situation and what resources are available to you to create a well rounded event for your participants.

Never be intimidated by any situation because there’s nothing a little smoke and mirrors can’t fix. If on the day of the event you find out the live band couldn’t make it for some reason beyond their control, then substituting an awesome sound system with an amazing disc jockey is perfectly reasonable.

Such a substitution could actually end up costing you more than a live band. Some real famous disc jockeys can get as expensive as $30 to $40K per appearance, believe it or not. But the point is, remain flexible and have a back-up plan should something not go smoothly.

Business Event Ideas
Some Business Events are aimed at diverting attention from the pressure of current agendas and seek to lighten up the atmosphere or completely dispel the existing cloud of unproductiveness.

In this situation, your goal is to take the focus off of day to day business and simulate a vacation without the time and expense of taking one.

So, as many companies do, having a company outing is a splendid idea with activities like summer camps have. How about a softball game or a bowling tournament? If something competitive is not appropriate under the circumstances, then some other enjoyable activities to consider might be a rented fishing boat excursion or perhaps some mountain biking. This would be a good change of scenery.

All of the above can be rewarded at the end with a sizzling barbeque which most people love, but of course make sure you have some different salads and rolls or crackers so no one goes hungry.

Fundraising Event Ideas

Raffles can be exhilarating and fun. Some trendy raffle award ideas are: travel packages, dinner for two, cars, electronic equipment, gift certificates, etc.
If person has a serious chance of winning something valuable, like a new iphone, they are more willing to donate, especially if it is a cause close to their heart. To raffle off a iphone, for instance, you could sell 300-400 tickets for $5.00 each.

Fundraising is not solely realized by selling, raffling, or auctioning products.
Saving money is akin to making money. Financial needs can often be met through sponsorship, such as a company providing discounts, freebies, or extras like office supplies that have their company logo and message imprinted on them, etc.

Charity Events Ideas
A charity event does not have to be centered on monetary exchange. Many companies have valuable ways to give back to the community, such as donating time and resources for habitat improvement, giving a helping hand to a segment of the economy (like public clean up), wildlife preservation, and so on.

Sometimes the resources to put on a grand charity event dinner are not available, but spreading the manpower among the existing soup kitchens can accomplish a great deal.

Corporate Event Ideas
There are many retail establishments where their place of business is geared toward multi-faceted events for businesses and corporations. They can frequently be found on your local chamber of commerce list of vendors. They are often very affordable and you can choose to use all or part of their establishment and they usually offer a vast selection of menu options.

Convention Ideas
A Convention is usually associated with trade industries gathering for the purpose of presenting their goods and services and promoting by educating their potential customers.

Naturally, they take advantage of the networking opportunities that only a hub of industry professionals like this could provide. Using established resources, like taking out an ad in a known magazine produced exclusively for these trade professionals, is an excellent place to direct your marketing efforts.

The more effective your publicity, the greater your attendance will be. When you have some corporate event idea of what the level of participation will be, the next step will be to inspect suitable venues to host your convention. So, if you are producing a convention for the stone and marble industry (for example), you would need a spacious area where vendors could display products such as stone and marble, accessories such as care products and application tools, etc.

This type of crowd would require sufficient loading dock areas for equipment, catering and dining areas, conference rooms for presentations on trends, designs and industry issues.

Convention centers of this type are usually strategically located near mass transit, hotels, and airports. If the specialty trade your are producing a convention for is not so product intensive, like the Writers Guild or something, then perhaps an attractive retreat boasting conference rooms equipped with multi-media capabilities would be a sensible choice.

Conference Ideas
A conference can be a gathering of clergy, an association of athletic teams, a meeting of various committees, or a new organization. It could be just a conference between students and advisers. As with all types of events, a conference is no different when advertising and preparing your prospective attendees to participate is concerned.
Inevitably, you will have to have a website to be publicized, and flyers or handouts need to be distributed, mailed, or emailed.

Once registration is flowing, you can gauge what type of amenities you need to provide, like if there will there be children present. If yes, children’s programs replete with certified counselors and appropriate activities will be required.

Perhaps a fitness room for the adults is appropriate. What form of educational sessions will there be, and what supplies will be necessary?

The number of people and duration of the conference will determine what type of audio/visual and lighting props would be needed and the electrical power to support it.
What culinary fare will be suitable? If having the conference in a resort hotel, a pool-side lunch or beach-front grill with some volleyball may relax and refresh attendees for their next session.

Of course, you don’t want to forget your gracious sponsors, and at the same time leave a lasting impression on your participants. So, distribute parting gifts from your sponsors.

Festival Event Ideas
Festivals are often characterized by feasting, rides, inaugurations and entertainment, commemorating or celebrating an anniversary, cultural event, or just good old-fashioned revelry.

If it’s a do-it-yourself festival and geared more towards singles, there are many clubs and restaurants that can supply appropriate food and beverages along with entertainment, both live and recorded to liven up your festival.

If your festival is on a big scale open to the general public, like a music or art festival, your venue would be best if outdoors, such as a local park, field, or city square, if appropriate.

National corporations, like beverage companies, may support TV or radio spots to promote the festival. Inviting noted artists to perform or exhibit will bring crowds in droves.
Furnish a broad array of delicacies from many local food businesses to satisfy the many ethnic tastes which may attend.

Of course, a festival of this sort needs to be coordinated with local government to assist with traffic, crowd control and parking, safety and clean up. If preparations are adequately addressed, a festival can be an excellent economy booster for everyone involved.

There are many events ideas you can consider when planning, designing and marketing your next event, large or small. The possibilities are vast. So, in order not to overwhelm yourself, just stick to a manageable number of ideas which fit your budget.


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