Tips for Saving Energy Costs!

January 31, 2019
Sharon Paxson

During the months that have extreme temperatures, there are some tips to save energy costs which will ultimately lower your overall energy bills. One of the most important items is to make sure that you service the HVAC and replace the HVAC filters. The last thing anyone wants during the winter months is for the furnace to go out. Also, the same applies during blistering temperatures in summer, the air conditioner should be serviced.

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It is also important to weatherproof your home and this will ultimately maintain the temperature.

Other tips to save energy include utilize energy efficient light bulbs, turn off lights when room not in use, and utilize energy efficient appliances. Replace old refrigerators which utilize significant energy in comparison to the newer ones.

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Check out the windows in your home and if they are older, be sure they are caulked to avoid cold air coming into the house! There are dual paned windows which provide more insulation and there are triple paned windows as well which provide even more insulation.



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