Some Ideas To Protect Your Home Against Strong Winds

Environmentalists are not incorrect in their assessment when they say that extreme weather is here to stay. High temperatures, flash floods and strong winds are all examples of extreme weather against which we must be informed, so we can take precautions to protect our homes and also take adequate home insurance cover.

Canadian weather experts have data that suggests that strong winds are mostly experienced in autumn. Wind speeds as high as 80-100 km/ hour can be experienced during these months. If left unprotected severe damage can happen to your home due to strong winds. However, by taking adequate precautions, you can protect not only your homes from extreme wind events, but also your roof, windows, entry doors and garage doors.

I am a homeowner in Calgary, Alberta and have home insurance Canada. What else do I need to do to protect my home against strong winds?

If you have already bought Home Insurance Canada from an insurance broker in Calgary, then you are good to go. Additionally you need to just ensure that you observe the following precautions to protect your home against strong winds:

Protecting your roof
Start with the roof first. Carry out an inspection and check whether your roof is meeting the latest building codes/ regulations, or not. For example make an inventory list to check:

– Whether there are enough nails per shingle, or not?
– Whether gables are securely attached to the rest of your home, or not?
– Whether hurricane clips are required to protect the structure of the roof, or not?

Protecting your doors
To protect your door and improve its longevity, it is recommended to install a solid wood or a hollow metal door that comes fitted with at least three hinges and a deadbolt lock.

Protecting your windows
After securing the roof and the door, come the windows. Interior designers and experts recommend installing impact-resistant shutters on large windows and glass doors around your home. These shutters will provide protection against damage caused by changes to pressure when windows and doors break. These shutters will also protect the glass in your windows from wind borne objects. Make a determination whether you need impact-resistant windows and patio doors.

Protecting your garage door
Garage doors are also prone to damage and in order to protect them install single-wide garage doors as against double-wide doors. The reason is that single-wide doors are not as susceptible to wind damage due to their size. Also, while selecting hinges, always opt for heavy hinges that provide strength to the doors.

Examine trees and shrubs near your house
It is advisable to trim shrubs and trees and keep them in good condition. If the tree around you house is dead, then it is better to cut it down, so that it does not fall on an electric cable during strong winds. This situation would be potentially risky.

Keep your insurance updated
Although carrying out the above tasks will provide you some respite and safeguards, they are not an adequate protection. In order to get complete protection, you need to make sure that your insurance values are up-to-date and provide you adequate coverage against risks. Additionally, you may want to purchase flood insurance coverage.

When you have the above in place then you will have the peace of mind that you are fully protected.

Engage with a home insurance Canada expert
In order to ensure that you have the right home insurance Canada policy and have purchased the correct insurances, it is always a best practice to engage with an expert insurance broker who will guide you through the process and if required also visit your home.

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