Car insurance Calgary: Some basic pointers to buy insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement in Calgary. If you are a resident car owner, or even just a visitor, you must have valid car insurance.

You can easily buy car insurance in Calgary. Experts advise to buy a car insurance that provides you maximum coverage against risks, and is also easy on your pocket. However, this becomes overwhelming for most car owners due to the large number of insurance companies and the various types of coverage.Here, an experienced insurance broker with expertise in car insurance can quickly help you find the best policy that meets your needs, thereby saving your valuable time and giving you peace of mind.

Getting a quote and types of car insurance Calgary

All that you need to provide your broker is your driver license number, some basic information about your vehicle and details about your driving history. It is a good idea to add all relevant drivers, for example, members of your family. Once you have provided all this information, a quote gets generated and is emailed to you by the broker.

Mandatory insurance cover:

It provides you the below coverage that is mandatory:

• Personal Liability and Property Damage (PLPD) Coverage:

You are protected in case you injure a person, or damage any property. The insurance company makes payments on your behalf.

• Accident Benefits Coverage:

You are covered for medical and other expenses, regardless of the fact whether you are at fault or not.

Optional insurance cover:

In addition to the above mandatory coverage, most Calgary residents also opt for additional protection, either by increasing the limit of their coverage, or by taking additional optional coverage. This is known as optional insurance and your broker can provide this to you too:

• Collision insurance:

Covers loss or damages caused to the vehicle as a result of collision.

• Comprehensive insurance:

Covers loss or damage caused to the vehicle after a “named peril” – for example, a fire, vandalism or theft.

Buying car insurance Calgary that gives maximum benefit and has lowest premium

Your broker will tell you that while all cars must be insured in Calgary, the amount charged as premium is not the same for all cars. It depends upon the type of policy, the amount of coverage and importantly your personal information.In order to buy an insurance policy that gives maximum benefits and has the lowest cost, one has to keep in mind the below-mentioned factors that impact car insurance Calgary

Factors that impact car insurance Calgary:

Driving record

In case you have a good record, your insurance premium will be lower, whereas if you have a bad record, or have filed many claims in the past, then your insurance premiums will be higher.


Younger drivers are charged a higher premium as they are more associated with accidents. Older drivers are charged a lower premium, as long as their driving record is good.

Driving habits

If you drive long hours and are mostly on the road, then you tend to be more prone to accidents and therefore have to pay more for insurance. This is the reason why your Odometer readings have a bearing on car insurance Calgary.

Location of Residence

Your residential address has a bearing on the insurance premium of your car. Rates in Calgary are slightly higher than in other areas of Alberta. This is because Calgary is the most populated city in Alberta and there are a large number of mobile phone users who tend to use their phones while driving. Secondly, there have been many car thefts in Calgary in the recent past.

Coverage Type

The type of car insurance you have and the amount of its coverage directly impacts the premium.

Car manufacturer and model

Certain types of cars that are prone to accidents or thefts command a higher insurance premium.

Features of Safety and Security

Gadgets that improve driving, or safety features that protect the driver tend to lower the rate of car insurance Calgary.

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