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Choosing The Best Homeowners Insurance In Alberta Is Easy

If you are living in Calgary, chances are that you would either be a homeowner, or a tenant. As a homeowner, you might have one primary residence, and in addition to it, one or more vacation properties. These properties could either be apartments, a detached house, or a condo. Irrespective of the type of property you own, one thing that runs common is the need for home insurance.

In other words, home insurance is a must in all instances and for home owners there are numerous policies to choose from depending upon the type of property they own.

Best Homeowners Insurance Alberta is available for different types of properties:

Detached house

A detached house, also known as a stand-alone house is a free-standing, single-family home that does not share a common wall with any other structure, unlike an apartment or a multi-family residential dwelling.

Townhouse or row-house

A Townhouse or row-house is a single-family dwelling unit with 2 or more floors that is attached to other similar units by common walls and usually has a common facade.


A condo comprises living spaces similar in look and feel to apartments that can be sold independently.

Semi-detached or duplex

A semi-detached property has a common wall with another dwelling unit. A duplex, on the other hand is a property that has two entrances – one for the ground level and the other for the first floor.

Rental property

Rental property comprises any property owned by the homeowner, apart from the principal residence, that is given out on rent to a tenant for the purpose of residence.

Vacation property

A vacation property is a secondary dwelling, other than the homeowner’s principal residence, and is used mostly for recreational purposes, holidays, corporate travel, and for temporary housing.

Best Homeowners insurance Alberta is affordable and easy to buy

Most homeowners agree that over the years, cost of home insurance has come down. Today insurers offer policies that are affordable and can be easily customized to the needs of the individual.

Secondly, technology has made it easier for homeowners to make enquiries online and submit their ownership documents/ details for online verification.

With the help of next-gen insurance software deployed at most insurance firms and insurance brokers; it is now possible to generate insurance quotes in a matter of minutes. Automation plays a big role here. It makes the process standardized and removes manual intervention.

Buying best Homeowners insurance Alberta takes just a few minutes

In a typical scenario, all that it takes to buy home insurance is just a few clicks of the mouse and a phone call. Homeowners usually have a lot of questions before they select an insurer, or coverage; and it is here that the expert advice of a professional insurance broker like Beneficial Insurance comes in handy.

The insurance broker is able to answer all their questions easily. Additionally, an insurance broker offers them advice based on their specific circumstances and situation. This consultancy and guidance is a big help to homeowners. It gives them a peace of mind and enables them make a conscious decision to choose a specific home insurance policy from across a wide selection. Moreover, there are so many rules and insurance jargon available on the internet that it is difficult for a layman to make sense out it without the help of an insurance broker.


Based on the selection of the homeowner, an insurance broker quickly generates a competitive quote for the property. All details are clearly mentioned in the quote and reflect the true position. There is no ambiguity, or room for doubt. The homeowner is able to review the offer, verify for correctness and purchase the insurance.

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