Service Technician – Responsibilities, Core Skills, Economic Outlook

What is a service technician? Service Technician is a broad title that includes professionals from various industries. Some service technicians work with cars, others with computers and others with devices. Regardless of their area of expertise, service technicians have the same function: they provide services and repairs. Service technicians who go to a customer’s home or company to do repairs sometimes referred to as field technicians.

Qualification –
Service Technician Qualification largely depends on the industry. The core of all fieldwork, however, is the maintenance and repair. Employers in highly technical areas such as IT or diesel engine repair are looking for employees with at least a degree or certificate in a related field such as heavy machinery repair or computer technology. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. UU. (BLS), other less technical areas such as equipment or stereos require less formal training as most employers train their technicians at work
Duties and responsibilities of the service technician-
The duties of a service technician vary greatly depending on the nature of the services provided by him. However, all service technicians share similar basic tasks. A review of the service technician job offers revealed the following responsibilities.
Perform routine maintenance –
All service technicians perform regular maintenance. For the automotive industry, this can be oil changes or tire rotations. And for those who work with devices, it may be that filters or fuses replaced. Regardless of the machines serviced by a service technician, routine maintenance is one of the most common tasks.
Install products –
Few service technicians are responsible for installing their products. These can be several devices, security systems or heating and cooling units. You are instructed to inform the customer about the intended use of the machines, to install them, to test them and then to give them instructions. Since service technicians have a lot to do with consumers, Excellent customer service skills are vital.
Perform Repairs-
Service technicians are also recommended to repair defective or defective products and to replace defective or worn parts frequently. Service technicians should be able to use diagnostic tools to identify the problem. Then they can solve the problem or ask for the necessary components for repair.
Core Competencies:
Because of the vacancies we have seen, employers want service technicians with these essential skills
•Practical knowledge of all devices used in the field.
• Ability to read blueprints or technical diagrams.
• Experience with simple hand tools and power tools.
• Experience with diagnostic tools.
• Is physically able to meet work requirements, such as: For example, work in confined spaces, lift heavy equipment and bend down frequently.
Professional and economic perspectives:
While BLS predicts firm employment opportunities for field technicians, individual employment prospects are highly dependent on industry and skill levels. In general, employment is expected to focus increasingly on large companies as the number of independent companies decreases. Technicians with formal education and advanced knowledge will have better opportunities, as will technicians working in a computer or niche industry, such as heavy machinery repair. The average annual salary for the restoration of computers, ATMs and office equipment in 2017 was $ 37,710. For land and service technicians, the average yearly pay for 2017 was $ 39,340, for all other installation, maintenance and repair workers $ 38,800.


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