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In addition to door and lock release services, Tooting Locksmiths SW17 offers you a team of locksmiths on call at all times who are experts in Roller Shutter Repair – Roller Shutter Replacement to respond to even the most minor everyday problems that may arise with the roller shutters in your home, whether they are motorised, insulated or belt-driven.

Whether it is a question of repairing electric, motorised, insulated or aluminium roller shutters, the locksmiths at Tooting Locksmiths SW17 will be able to help you open them and take care of their repair, all with the speed and reliability that sets them apart! 

Unlocking and repairing roller shutters

A comprehensive locksmith service: a blocked roller shutter can leave us in the dark for days if it is not repaired quickly. The locksmith service of Tooting Locksmiths also deals with the unblocking of roller shutters, thus ensuring an all-round locksmith service, seven days a week, for all opening and unblocking work on doors and windows. In little more than an hour from receiving your request for help, one of our professional roller shutters will be at your home to repair broken roller shutters, again offering maximum reliability and expertise.

Even when you decide to change your roller shutters because your current ones are outdated or damaged, we can help you. In addition to the services of Tooting Locksmiths SW17 for urgent works, such as the opening or unblocking of roller shutters, our team of locksmiths will follow you step by step in the replacement of roller shutters of all types, from PVC to armoured, aluminium or insulated ones, always guaranteeing a job done to the highest standards. 

Roller shutter repair prices: why quality counts

When the time comes to change a roller shutter or replace malfunctioning parts, you need to rely on a professional who uses quality products so that the roller shutter will not break in the future.

Be wary of window fitters who promise to do the job at a ‘low’ price: after a few days, you may find yourself having to change the shutter again and spending more money!

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, resist the temptation to replace malfunctioning parts yourself… you may know what you are doing, but are you sure you have chosen suitable quality components?

The qualified and competent staff at Tooting Locksmiths will be able to replace roller shutters with their eyes closed (or almost) and will know how to recommend the brands and spare parts best suited to your situation.

Roller shutter replacement cost

The cost of replacing the entire roller shutter varies depending on the model you want to install. Different types differ according to the kind of sliding mechanism, which can be manual or electric, or the material in which they are made (PVC, aluminium, armoured). Of course, changing a single malfunctioning element, such as replacing the roller shutter, will cost much less than replacing the whole shutter.

If you have a modern house or a flat that has recently been renovated, your windows are probably equipped with motorised roller shutters. This model is very convenient because it allows you to close and open the shutters using a remote control.

Electric roller shutters and their repair should not frighten you because the professional locksmiths at postcode SW17also offer this service at a competitive price.

Do you have traditional roller shutters and would like the luxury of motorisation? Do you need to replace a roller shutter or fix a damaged one? Call us to find out how we can help you.

Rolling shutters come in many different types, from PVC to aluminium and steel. Our roller shutters can always advise you on the best solution and guarantee a job well done.

When you have a blocked roller shutter, a broken cord or roller, holes in the slats, etc., our roller shutters will intervene in any situation to fix or replace only the damaged components, saving you time and money.

The cost of replacing a roller shutter varies according to the material they are made of (plastic, aluminium or steel), their size and colour. 

Our dispatch office: Hillbrook Rd, Tooting, London SW17 8ND


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