Effective Crime Prevention Strategies

Crimes are increasing day by day. We cannot stop crimes, but we can resist them. And the best to do so is by getting a high-security lock. It will be enough to deter crime or stop a crime from being successfully carried out. If you have a lock, that is not a top-notch security lock, go for a lock change.

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Listed below are some strategies to adopt to prevent yourself from crimes:

  • Access Control:

Access Control is the first and most basic crime prevention strategy. It is restricting the number of people allowed in space. This permission is based on the necessity of them being there. Strong doors, high-security locks, and window protection can be done for access control.

Access control is effective but not much effective when it comes to crime prevention in public spaces. But there are other methods beyond physical security. gated communities can be used to extend barriers.

The visitors who do not intend to interact with the community get discouraged by access control in public spaces. The more out of the way, and harder to reach a location is, the more specific intention is needed to end up there. People who do not have any specific intention are not allowed in.

  • Surveillance:

When we talk about surveillance, people think of organized surveillance tactics, such as security guards, law enforcement, and installing security cameras. surveillance strategy varies in effectiveness according to the speed of response.

Talking specific, sometimes Security cameras do not protect your property. Natural surveillances are important along with crime prevention through environmental design.

  • Activity Support:

The activity support strengthens the community of a given location. Reliable channels of communications are built up by performing activities and events. Social management is more effective with these reliable channels.

While considering crime prevention through environmental design venue public meetings are designed with specific activities in mind. Other elements like checking in on the elderly, disabled, and potential criminal elements, must also be supported. 

  • Motivation Reinforcement:

Criminal behavior is discouraged and social responsibility is encouraged by Motivation Reinforcement. This approach stresses the limits of criminal activity through socialization and community standards.

This work confirms that criminals will be captured and prosecuted. “Research shows that chance of being caught is vastly more effective deterrent than even draconian punishment.” Says NIJ. NIJ stands for The National Institute of Justice.

We need to make sure that criminals do not go away. This is better than selling the severity of punishment. Then sell the positive aspects of community involvement, which are strengthened and maintained through activity support. This goes beyond passive or active security.

  • Territoriality:

Territoriality aims to get the community to take ownership of the protection of their space through actively shaping their shared identity. It deals with intangibles, so it is the least grounded objective of crime prevention through environmental design.

If we invest in something, we care about it more. This idea blends the idea of rational self-interest. We will surely guard our environment if we feel our reflection in it. We will care about our environment more if we invest more in building and maintaining it.


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