Is Smoking Dangerous During Covid-19?

Whether or not you agree, we all have consumed lots of information diet and exercise information during the COVID-19, especially at the early stage. Taking my own example, I would search for the right diet and people sent me messages on what to do and what not to do during that time. Since then, I have observed, there is persistent hearsay about smoking. It is said that smokers are more susceptible to covid-19. Many have a conviction on this and some say it is completely baseless. Let’s break this down with the help of facts and details available as of now.

Facts About Smoking and Coronavirus:

Smoking is generally responsible to increase the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS). And coronavirus disease is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome. Since both have a relationship with respiratory diseases, it looks like they are correlated. The repercussions of coronavirus are mindboggling; it badly affects a healthy person. And considering that if a person is a smoker and has already respiratory issues, he may get extremely affected with the coronavirus’s implications.

WHO’s Verdict:

World health organization says that there are no studies to evaluate the association between COVID-19 and smoking. But it is speculated that tobacco consumers like cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and water pipes are more likely to contract covid-19. It is because the smokers touch their lips with hands so the virus’s transmission to the body becomes fluent. Also, sharing the mouthpieces in e-cigarettes, shisha, and hookah can transmit the virus from one to another.

WHO also says that since smoking increases respiratory infections and diseases, the covid-19 patients who are smokers are at a higher risk. They get influenced by severe COVID-19 outcomes. For the vapers, WHO still binds with the belief that because they are harmful to the lungs, the COVID-19 can imperil their lives.

What Does the Research Say?

There has been little research until now regarding the relationship between smoking and covid-19. But one of the researches indicates that smokers are more prone to covid-19. In the UK, about 2.4 million people who used symptoms tracking app identified that the risk of coronavirus increased in smokers.

How to Protect Yourself?

If you are a smoker, firstly, quit smoking. If you can’t be careful about the SOPs( standard operating procedure). Never, ever use a second-hand cigarette, e-cigarette, sheesha, or hookah.

Even if you are not a smoker, it is more likely to affect you if you are a passive smoker. Therefore, you should be careful and take precautions to avoid getting influenced by coronavirus disease.

Though you should keep a distance from everyone, be extra careful about the smoker. Avoid getting around people who smoke.

Cigarettes and Vape shop online in the UK:

Currently, many of the vape shop online in the UK have given up on smoking due to coronavirus disease. But there still exist millions of smokers who are still smoking amid the coronavirus crisis. Due to the lockdown, smokers are shopping online to get their cigarettes and vapes. If you are a smoker the best thing that you can do is quitting, at least, in this crucial time.


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