How to choose the best breast pump?

When choosing a breast pump, it is important to consider several important factors which will help you make the right choice. With years of experience in dealing with moms to help their nursing needs, I have realized the best things to consider while choosing a breast pump.

Single breast pump or double pumping?

The single pumping is perfect if you have occasional use of the pump or if you plan to use it in public places and you need something discreet. The single pumping breast pumps are also much easier to carry.

The dual pump breast pump are themselves advised in case of congestion where you need to eject milk very quickly since they allow you to shoot both breasts simultaneously. This feature is also very convenient for milk storage, as you will be able to get more out of it in less time, which will allow you to make reservations easier.

Manual breast pump or an electric breast pump?

The manual breast pump is recommended for occasional use as it requires manual pumping and draws significantly less milk than an electric breast pump. The main advantage of the manual breast pump is its size and size that can take it anywhere and can be used very easily in the office or travel for example.

On the other hand, know that if you have trouble producing milk and you need a large suction, you will surely have trouble with a manual breast pump that offers a suction weaker than an electric model and especially well lower than your baby’s.

The electric breast pump can more effectively mimic the baby’s sucking rhythm, for a faster and more efficient milk draw. You can find single or double pumping electric breast pumps, which will allow you to save even more time by pulling on both breasts simultaneously.

This type of device is a little more complicated to carry and a little noisier since often powered by an electric motor (battery or sector). If you have a small breast or do not produce a lot of milk, choose a model that will allow you to choose the suction force so that it is not be painful.

The price of the breast pump

The purchase of your breast pump will necessarily be impacted by your budget … If your budget is tight, you will probably be content with a manual breast pump that offers the most reasonable and affordable prices for all moms.

If you do not necessarily need a double pumping breast pump for health reasons, this product is often the best value for money.

Finally, if you have the budget and you want the best for your baby, you will choose a pump with double pump that will allow you to draw milk on both breasts simultaneously. This option is not only a considerable time saver, but can also relieve you of too much engorgement for example or to answer storage problems in a reduced time (if you have to be absent urgently and that you need some milk in advance quickly).


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